Houston Press Music Awards Nomination Balloting Closed

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HPMA nomballot oct3.jpg
Graphic by Monica Fuentes
As of 5 p.m. today, the nominations ballot for the 2011 Houston Press Awards has closed. We greatly appreciate everyone who voted. Our minons are gathered behind the scenes, tied to their desks with Slayer blasting over loudspeakers counting every ballot and punching the crap out of every hanging chad.

Nominees will be announced next week. The Houston Press Music Awards showcase will be Saturday, November 12.



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I am so excited and cannot wait!! ROFLMAO


Do you know approximately when the results will be posted?

Hillary Marek
Hillary Marek

my name is hillary marek my email is hillarymarek@gmail.com 1/2 way through my filling out the poll it stopped froze and said thank you for voting i didnt get down to the radio section please count my votes sine it would not let me redo itbest radio station  Houston Undergroundbest radio personality Hillary Marek best radio show Houston Underground Twitter takeover Show THANK YOU we promoted this poll for weeks and it would suck to not get me own vote in due to a computer glitch if you cross reference my name and email you will see it was incomplete thanks you


Should have been a little clearer. I assumed that end of day was like, midnight, not when y'all left the office. please cast my votes as follows:

Kevin Kendrick- best folk artist

Kevin Kendrick-Best songwriter

Art of Ball and chain best song

Born From Ruins- Best Metal

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