Local Man Claims KTSU Plays "Concentration Camp" Jazz

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Chris Tucker finds KTSU's smoother direction hard to swallow.
Rocks Off has heard smooth jazzer Kenny G compared to rusty nails in the eyes, and what wallpaper might sound like if it boasted sonic properties. However, this is the first time that we've heard the soprano saxophonist's name and "concentration camp" in the same breath.

In addition to the Nazi Germany motif, local emcee Chris Tucker says that Donna Franklin has created a "slave mentality" environment at "The Choice," KTSU (90.9 FM). Franklin, the assistant general manager of Texas Southern University's radio station, says this isn't true and that Tucker is acting on a "personal vendetta."

According to the two, the hubbub started to conflagrate with the formation of the Concerned Legends of KTSU, an anonymous group that, to date, has published and distributed five emails.

The manifesto-style letters, each entitled "What Are They Doing to the Black Jewel?", pine for KTSU's "keepers of the flame," ranging from The Frog Prince and Maurice "The Gangster" Jackson to Shirley Wolford and Pam Collins. These legacies, explains the unknown author, have been left for dead for dentist-office jazz.

"'The Black Jewel' is now experiencing a dulling effect of its uniquely shiny and beautiful glow, and is in grave danger if not checked and soon, of being forever changed by the current leadership regime absolutely bent on changing everything this 'Jewel' shines for," states one letter.

The cause for this so-called sheen-altered jewel, according to the Concerned Legends, is Franklin, who started at KTSU as an on-air DJ and in the sales department three years ago after a stint at The Wave KHJZ FM 97.5. A year and a half ago, Franklin was promoted to assistant general manager at KTSU.

"The radio station is in a serious decline," Tucker, who runs Strictly "G" Entertainment, tells Rocks Off. "The quality of the music has really declined greatly and the employees are under siege. They're just there because there's money involved. When they come to work, they have a feeling of a slave mentality. It's just an awful environment... [Franklin] runs the place like a concentration camp."

As of the time this post was published, attempts at talking to other KTSU DJs were unsuccessful.

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Can there be an area of compromise? As an alumus and homeboy(contemperary)of Steve Crain(Chicagoan) who I see was ommitted from Mr. Tuckers list. I might think that might be personal.As I see it in Houston there is a need for an outlet that goes beyond the sad repetition of KMJQ and KBXX. KTSU has an opportunity to program all generes of Jazz. Also old school and hip hop.


First KTRU goes off the airwaves, and then KTSU switches to so-called smooth jazz.  Houston radio, RIP.

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