Gothic Council Presents the Best Goth Music Videos

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Gothtopia spent last weekend on a beach dressed in designer black looking sad at the waves... for a purpose, we swear. Despite having been a musician in Houston for quite a while, it was our first music-video shoot. Well, unless you count this one, which isn't so much a music video as a sign that there is a loving God.

Music videos remain an obsession with Gothtopia, and we make an effort to find one a week for you. Naturally, we seek the goth and unusual wherever possible, but we'll take any work of merit.

But what is the best goth video? To answer that question we spiced together old monster-movie footage over the sound of someone kicking a dishwasher and summoned the Gothic Council!

Joining us this week is Ending the Vicious Cycle singer Toby Rider, Sarah Fanning, author of the Night's Plutonian Shore blog, fashion designer Batty, Stage Frights guitarist Larry Rainwater, and renowned DJ Martin Oldgoth.

Gothtopia: What is the best goth music video? We're awarding bonus points for anyone who can find something modern.

Toby Rider: What do you consider modern?

Gothtopia: We liked the last Birthday Massacre video, for instance.

Sarah Fanning: You beat me to the punch on Birthday Massacre's "In the Dark," which I think is a fantastic video. Another that I really like is "The Owl" by I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness.

Batty: It may not be "the best" but "The Witch" by Rosetta Stone is definitely the one that stands out in my head as the first video I think of when I think of "gothic" videos.

It's got all the prerequisite gothic elements in the first few seconds: Violins, candles, the moon, big hair, fog. So I am going to have to give that one my vote this time. And let's not forget it also has crunchy gothic guitars and eyeliner on pretty men as well. It's so goth it shits bats.

Larry Rainwater: "White Wedding" by Billy Idol. All shot on film, great iconic images, Beautiful people, just an overall 10! I remember at the time it came out - yes I am that old - It was one of the first if not first video to be more than just a band pretending to be playing their song. All dark and moody but very upbeat at the same time. It may not be a goth song per say but it sure feels like one when you watch that video...

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