Last Night: Das Racist At Fitzgerald's

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Photos by Marco Torres
Das Racist, Danny Brown, Despot, Fat Tony, Hollywood F.L.O.S.S.
October 26, 2011

Boss man assigned us this review conditionally: since we previously reviewed a Das Racist show a few months ago, he told us to be sure and compare the two shows. Initially we thought to ourselves, "That'll be easy... they just released their first album earlier this month, this show will be totally different."

It wasn't totally different, though; in fact, it felt very familiar. They only played a couple of joints from the new album, Relax They did make the crowd join in on an Enrique Iglesias singalong though. Last night was all Greedhead bidness. Stick with us, we'll explain later.

We arrived early enough to catch Hollywood F.L.O.S.S.'s set, which included a full band. It looked like a busier version of Mr. Holland's Opus. (We've never seen that movie, but it sounded like a good reference.) Despite there being almost 15 people onstage, the crowd seemed to be into it, almost moshing like they were at a rock show.

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Fat Tony (left) and Despot
Fat Tony came onstage around 10:30 p.m. and killed it, as per usual. He did that thing where he raps like he's having a conversation with someone. After Tony came Despot, a Das Racist crony who's been featured on their mixtape Sit Down, Man and now Relax. Although he looks unassuming, the ginger can rap his ass off.

danny_brown oct27 a.JPG
Danny Brown
Of all of the openers, we were the most blown away by the last act, Danny Brown. He came on stage with an orange and black striped jacket, looking like Tony the Tiger. He has a high-pitched, syrupy voice and lyrics that make you ask yourself questions, such as "Wait... did he really just say that he would 'eat an old ho like the big bad wolf?'"

Finally, after talking a bunch of shit to the hosts, Das Racist came onstage. They actually seemed excited to be in Houston. We've seen them at least 10 times this year, and every time we see them they kind of just roll their eyes through their set; particularly Kool A.D., but he was all smiles and jokes Wednesday.

They played a few of their classics, which we weren't expecting, including "Who's That Brown" and "Rainbow In The Dark" from 2010's Shut Up, Dude. Besides that, the set consisted mostly of cuts from Sit Down, Man, but they did play the first single from Relax, "Michael Jackson," plus "Brand New Dance."

Lakutis, their "hypeman's hypeman" even got some time to showcase what he's been working on. Sidenote: he gave us a sneak peak of his album art and while we don't know what we're able to say about it, just know that it's high art.

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I always wondered what it means when a group or artists fanbase is predominately one kind of person of scene. It's interesting to look at the makeup of shows and wonder why certain people go to certain shows or listen to certain kinds of music. What makes someone go to a Das Racist show as opposed to another rap act? What, if anything, does it say about the artist in question?

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