The Simpsons' Top 11 Musical Guests

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When The Simpsons completes its last (contracted) season in 2014, it will have set staggering new broadcast records for longest running sitcom (over 550 episodes) and longest running prime time scripted TV series (25 seasons). These are all American records, of course, because the Japanese come hardcore.

The show has long passed the point where we could simply refer to it as that show where "an old drunk made humans out of his rabbit characters to pay off his gambling debts (RIP, Phil Hartman). The Simpsons' merchandising reach rivals that of KISS, it's introduced new words to our very language, and briefly gave us all a reason to watch Fox.

For Rocks Off's purposes, however, the show has also showcased a large number of old and new musical acts. Here are a few of our favorites.

We've tried, when possible, to present examples across the spectrum of the show's 23 seasons, and stuck (mostly) with acts who actually performed on the show. See Honorable Mentions at the end before leaving your indignant "What about George Harrison?" comments.

And before anyone complains about the quality of these clips, bear in mind that Fox is crazy about keeping Simpsons footage off the Interwebs. The better to increase DVD sales. Guess they're crazy... like a fox.

11. Tony Bennett, "Dancin' Homer" (Season 2)

The second season of the show was when you really got the sense The Simpsons was something special. And not just because the show was able to get Bennett to sing the theme song for Capitol City, where "people stop and scream hello."

10. Linda Ronstadt - "Mr. Plow" (Season 4)

One of Rocks Off's favorite episodes features the rivalry between Homer and Barney's respective snowplow ventures. Barney ups the stakes by getting Ronstadt to sing his theme song... and then romancing her. Song's at the 3:15 mark.

9. Barry White, "Whacking Day" (Season 4)

Another great one, from Homer's whacking dojo to Mayor Quimby's "pre-whacked" snakes to Galveston's own Barry White expressing his disgust at the holiday.

8. Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Krusty Gets Kancelled" (Season 4)

When the network pulls the plug on Krusty the Clown's show, he pulls in some heavy hitters for his comeback special (although he has a minor problem with some of RHCP's lyrics). On a side note, how pissed do you think John Frusciante was that the only Peppers' guitarist to be immortalized on The Simpsons was Arik Marshall? Better him than Jesse Tobias, we guess.

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I get that with a Simpsons list, it's impossible to please, but seriously: Where. Is. Spinal Tap?

Zeke Lollis
Zeke Lollis

Where's Aerosmith?  Terribly disappointing.  


True story.  I made up the word "meh" around 1990.  When I first heard it on The Simpson's, I showed it to my friends.  They were unimpressed thinking I and the Simpsons got it from some show in the 80's.  I got mad and started a new word called "blargh."  While that word never gained the traction "meh" did, it still has spread somewhat.  And it was only after the internet stated the Simpsons invented it that my friends finally acknowledged that I had been using it several years beforehand.

Damnit, I'm still pissed.  Even though I'd never get anything for it, anyway...


And who could forget, The Who played A Tale of Two Springfields? 

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