Top 6 Most Underappreciated Hip-Hop Albums, By Le$

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This Week's Rapper: Le$ (pronounced "Less," though it's way more fun to call him L-E-dollar sign)

This Week's Topic: Underappreciated albums, mixtapes, songs, etc.

Last year, Le$ released a very good mixtape called The Beautiful Struggle. It was almost entirely overlooked. So, we asked L-E-dollar sign to offer up six albums, mixtapes, videos or songs that were underappreciated as well. Go figure. His answers below.


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6. Kanye West, 808s & Heartbreak

I believe this album is the most underrated album in the last decade of hip-hop, because it opened the doors for the new wave of artist like Drake, Cudi, Big Sean, etc. Most people wrote it off as Kanye's worst album and an emotional album due to his mother's passing, but most artist's best work comes from real emotions and that album was real.

5. T.I. Trap Muzik

Most people would say it's not underrated due to his success, but I say it was underrated because this album opened up the doors for another genre of Southern artists. In the hip-hop world, TIP invented the trap. No on before him showed such a vivid description of the dope game in the South. The word "trap" was rarely used before TIP, and this CD opened the doors for Jeezy, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane*, etc.

*Note: We're pretty upset about Gucci sneaking in through that open door.

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4. Slim Thug Already Platinum

I may be considered "biased" because I'm Slim's artist/protégé, but this album was way ahead of its time. Slim and Pharrell created a sound like no other on this album; it could not be mimicked. From "Like a Boss" to the album cut "Ashy 2 Classy," this album was full of concepts and a sound never heard before, and a sound that was unexpected from Houston.

Lyrically, Slim was on another level and sonically, Pharrell, Mr. Lee and the rest of the producers made an album that may not be appreciated until years to come, but it was definitely underrated.

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Chilly Like Madvillainy
Chilly Like Madvillainy

I'ma also co-sign on everythig said already. A pretty predictable list, I was looking for something more thoughtful like these other lists here. Here are a couple ones I'd throw out: 

- Anything by Shad- Tobacco Road by Common Market- SONOGRAM by One Be Lo- 2000 Fold by Styles of Beyond- Metaphorical Music by Nujabes


Also Co-Sign with Early & D, here's a few I can think of

1. Jeru the Damaja- Wrath Of the Math2. Group Home- Livin Proof3. Anything by Blackalicious 4. Blu & Exhile-Below The Heavens5. Madvillain-Madvillainy6. Jaylib-Champion Sound

And since Early brought up Del's 3030, I gotta throw in some Handsome Boy Modeling School. Don't make me bring out Lovage.

Chris D
Chris D

Co sign every thing Early said. Its weird how "old school" means "it came out more than 2 years ago" now...but I guess its an age thing... I'mma take it back a little further:

Pete Rock/CL Smooth - The Main IngredentPharcyde - Bizzare Ride..AND Labcabin...Every Little Brother AlbumBrand Nubian - In God we Trust

Early Cuyler
Early Cuyler

I thought this was supposed to be a list about hip-hop albums.  I wouldn't consider any of these hip-hop albums, rap albums sure, but not hip-hop.  I guess I have to take in account how obviously young the Rocks Off employees are that blog about rap/hip-hop because it seems they have never heard of any albums or groups before about 2005 if you go by their articles.  As far as slept on HIP-HOP albums:

Del - Deltron 3030Leaders of The New School- T.I.M.E.Showbiz & AG- GoodfellasBig L- The Big PictureKillah Priest-  Heavy MentalPanacea - Ink Is My Drink

Early Cuyler
Early Cuyler

Dan the Automator sampled the Kashmere Stage Band on "Bare Witness" from the first Handsome Boy Modeling School album.

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