10 Popular Rappers' Disney Alter Egos

Watch The Throne.
Were you ever mildly attracted to Jafar in the Disney movie Aladdin? We were, probably because he reminded us so much of Prince. So, needless to say, Rocks Off is pretty stoked that Disney is bringing back some of our beloved iconic villains-like Jafar and Scar-to 3-D.

We've always pictured the villains as artists, specifically rappers-they have all of the bravado, the messed up childhoods, the insecurities, the motivation for world domination. We've put together a list of some classic villains in Disney history and their rapper counterparts. Some of their bear a physical resemblance and some share similar backgrounds.

1. Kanye West as Scar (The Lion King)

Scar wanted to be king really badly; so badly that he killed his own brother for the crown. He said, "Long live the king", killed his brethren, and then blamed it his nephew. That's bad family business. Since The Lion King was our favorite Disney animated film, we can't help but picture Mr. West as the ultimate villain. Kanye's followers are like Scar's hyenas-they'll probably turn on him the second he puts out another 808's and Heartbreaks. He's burned quite a few bridges on his way to the throne, too-pun intended.

2. Yelawolf as Sid Phillips (Toy Story)

Sid was just a confused punk who liked to torture his toys, he was never that menacing. That's how we feel about Yelawolf. He looks unkempt, like he hasn't taken a shower in weeks, but he's not that memorable. Just because your mom ignores you doesn't mean that you're cut out for debauchery and the villain lifestyle. Sid probably went to college after he stopped setting his toys on fire.

3. Kreayshawn as Cruella DeVille (101 Dalmatians)

In life, people are scared of the Cruella Devilles-the women with guap, outlandish fashion sense, and determination. Deville and her taste for exclusivity devised the ultimate fashion statement: a Dalmatian fur coat.

4. Dame Dash as Jafar (Aladdin)

Jafar was kind of sultry, in a twisted way. He has the dark, viscous voice and elegant stature. He calls Princess Jasmine "Pussycat"; he reminds us a lot of Prince, actually. Ultimately, though, he's just a dude trying to get into a cave of riches because he feels inadequate serving under a King. Since he can't get access to the cave, he has to use Aladdin, the more physically capable and predetermined "diamond in the rough." In the end, Aladdin gets the money and the power. Jay-Z is Aladdin, by the way.

5. Lil Kim as Ursula (The Little Mermaid)

Back in the day, Ursula had it all; she might have even been a babe. But then got she got banished from the palace and had to live in exile as she overindulged in shellfish and tacky makeup.

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Ursala as Ariel, you mean lil kim as ursala. and dame dash isnt a rapper


My fault on The Little Mermaid. Dame Dash, close enough.

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