Trae & Friends Go Gangsta For A Day On "Strapped Up"

strappedup sept 8 a.JPG
Photos by Marco Torres
Tuesday night, Trae The Truth called upon his followers to meet him at 2001 Commerce Street for the "Strapped Up" video shoot, the first track from his album Street King. His specific instructions were to "wear all black & ski mask", and wanted all of his fans to show up, with a special message to the "non-gangstas":

Trae Twitta Sept 8.jpg

Once Rocks Off arrived, we found a hot, dark, cavernous warehouse with almost 100 extras toting baseball bats, wearing black bandanas and balaclavas, and generally looking like the most menacing hood army ever assembled. Even Scarface and Rap-A-Lot's J. Prince arrived to show support

Street King indeed. Enjoy the photos.

Strapped Up sept8 l.jpg

Strapped Up sept8 c.jpg

Strapped Up sept8 o.jpg

Strapped Up sept8 i.jpg

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