Top 10 Hip-Hop Album Intro Tracks

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Before iTunes and Amazon gave us the luxury of picking and choosing which tracks we want off an album, we had to buy the entire CD or cassette tape to listen to everything we paid for. The intro tracks are usually what help us decide if the album is something we were going to love start to finish or skip through. Some intros are hilarious skits that show the artists' sense of humor while others others are just songs that make you want crank the volume up.

10. "Busta's Intro," Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliot, Supa Dupa Fly (1997)

Busta Rhymes was fresh in his prime, and introducing Missy's debut album Supa Dupa Fly was a great co-sign for the female producer/rapper/singer. It's very rare and humbling to let another great artist's, instead of your own, rap be the first thing people hear on your first album. Although Busta's verse was short and sweet, his delivery was just as effective.

Timbaland co-produced the track to this intro, helping trademark the unique style of his and Missy's beats. Busta returns, with the same instrumental backing, on Supa Dupa Fly's outro track.

9. "Hova Song," Jay-Z, Vol. 3: Life and Times of S. Carter (1999)

This was Jigga's fourth album, so he was sticking to the theme of having great intro songs. He opens by speaking to his listeners, like he's right there looking over your shoulder: "Yeah, I know you just ripped the packaging off your CD/ If you like me you readin the credits right now/ If you in your car, I don't care if it's winter/ 
I want you to put all your windows down/ Zone out, buckle up, let's go."

Of course it was late December when the album dropped, so lots of people froze their ears off just to blast that new Jay-Z.

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8. "Intro," Lil Wayne, Tha Block is Hot (1999)

Back in the good old Cash Money "Bling Bling" days, Big Tymers Mannie Fresh and Baby vouch for Weezy on his first solo album in a stuntastic way. The duo hilariously brags about how hot Wayne is, because back then we're sure no one believed he'd be the multi-platinum selling superstar he is today.

7. "Intro," Snoop Dogg, Tha Last Meal (2000)

Snoop really shows his age OG player status with this sample of the Ohio Players' "I Want To Be Free." We can't help but imagine Snoop snapping his fingers and swaying, with his curls bouncing to the beat. Dr. Dre produced the track, and these two have always been a great match in a studio.

6. "Intro," Nas, I Am (1999)

Nas reminds us of why we fell in love with him by playing snippets of his previous hits before going into his third album's actual introduction. It almost makes you want to look for the old albums before taking a listen to the rest.

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The Streets - Turn the Page!!! No question about it....

Radio Zero
Radio Zero

Public Enemy - Countdown to Armageddon from It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back....."London England!! Consider yourselfs.....WARNED!!!"


3 N' The Mornin'? At least UGK made it. Would be kind of disturbing to think that Rocks Off spends their time listening to Missy Elliot and Kanye West instead.


Ayo! You picked the wrong Clipse intro. And no Ludacris? On damn near every one of his albums, the best song is the intro. 

Definitely agree with the MBDTF choice, though. Fire.

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