The Top 25 Comedy Rap Songs Of All Time: Nos. 15-11

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The countdown continues (Click here for Nos. 25-21, and here for 20-16). So far we've seen everything from Star Wars raps to Irish street beats to towering mainstream figures like Eddie Murphy, MC Hammer, and Afroman. Today's playlist should be triumph for the nerdcore crowd, and features some more Houston talent as well as Weird Al's appearance.

Oh, and lube up, because Warner Music Group has some screwing with us to do at No. 11.

15. MC Hawkings, "Fuck the Creationists"

mc hawking.jpg

You have to be pretty pimp to bang another woman behind your wife's back when you can't even move under your own power like Stephen Hawkings did, and such an act is one of the things that surely inspired Ken Lawrence to become nerdcore superstar MC Hawkings. Using text-to-speech, a dash of science, a pinch of thuggish bravado, and some nice beats from DJ Doomsday, MC Hawkings simultaneously educates and electrifies. Also, we are very much in agreement with Hawkings. Creationists walked out on Bill Nye the Science Guys, and are now dead to us.

14. Weird Al Yankovic, "All About the Pentiums"

What? Not "White and Nerdy?" Not "Amish Paradise"? No, when it comes down to one great Weird Al rap joint, we're going with "All About the Pentiums" from Running With Scissors. A: We always love it when anyone takes the piss out of Diddy; and B: Unlike his other rap outings, we think that Al actually makes the song better with his parody.

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"Fuck The Creationists", classic!

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