Rick Perry's Top 10 "Oh Faces": A Soundtrack

Gig 'em!
Once again, Texas is front and center on the national political stage, our spokesman an almost cartoon-like embodiment of every Lone Star stereotype: Fast-talkin', gun-lovin', bible-thumpin', boot-wearin', oil-worshipping, death penalty happy, larger-than-life right-wing Republican with a tanned, leathery face reminiscent of the Marlboro man. At this point, we half expect Perry to ride into the next GOP debate on a horse, or better yet, a longhorn, wearing a ten-gallon hat and a cow skull bolo tie.

In fact, we hope he does. That would be awesome, but no Aggie would ride anywhere on a longhorn - Ed.

Let's get one thing straight - we have no desire to see Governor Goodhair in the Oval Office, or any Washington office, for that matter. Ever. But God almighty, we haven't been this damn entertained since Sarah Palin saw Russia from Alaska and Christine O'Donnell deemed it necessary to announce that she was not, in fact, a supernatural being.

In addition to supplying hours of material for late night talk show hosts, Perry is racking up quite a collection of equally amusing photos. So in honor of our esteemed gov'nah and the comedy he so generously provides, Rocks Off presents our Top 10 Rick "oh faces" and the music they bring to mind.

Perry and Dubya, before they were surgically separated.
10. Foreigner, "Double Vision"

They look alike. They talk alike. Both served as governor of the Lone Star State and pilots in the United States Air Force, had C averages in college, and hail from West Texas. All things considered, it's not hard to understand why the similarities between Rick Perry and former president George W. Bush have many seeing double, with Daily Show host Jon Stewart calling Perry "George Bush Plus Plus" and CNN contributor Will Cain referring to the current Texas governor as "George Bush on steroids."

Kid Rick steps to Ron Paul at the GOP debate.
9. Kid Rock, "Cowboy"

Perry drew heavy criticism for a heated argument with Ron Paul during the GOP debate, his antics described as "too aggressive," "too combative," or in the words of local KTRK reporter Ted Oberg, "maybe too much cowboy." With the top let back and the sunshine shining, no doubt.

Slick Rick and the secret to his success.
8. Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs, "The Ballad of Jed Clampett"

Opponents on both sides of the aisle theorize that the success of Texas' economy has less to do with Perry and more to do with land rich in bubblin' crude. Oil, that is. Black gold. Texas tea. Entering the recession late and emerging early, Texas' economic growth has moved parallel with oil prices, which rose in 2008, fell in 2009, and have since continued in an upward trend.

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ray wylie
ray wylie

well, the last verse of the songs reminds us that in texas "our corporations are corrupt and our politicians are loco."

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