Pharrell Launches New Qream Liqueur At Exclusive Event

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Photos by Marco Torres
Pharrell Williams wears many hats. He's a Grammy-Award winning producer, singer, songwriter, rapper, and successful clothing designer. Amongst those things, Williams has picked up one more project to juggle.

Friday night, Williams dropped into Houston for the launch of his new liqueur, Qream. The drink is a collaboration between Williams and alcoholic-beverage company Dieago, which also manufactures Ciroc, Captain Morgan, Crown Royal and Bailey's.

The Houston launch of Qream was an invitation-only event held at party/wedding venue Las Velas. The swanky candle-lit and castle-like venue was filled with gentlemen in suits and ties as well ladies in slinky cocktail dresses and sky-high heels.

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DJ Eque
Qream's official debut was in July, and other launch parties have been held in cities like Miami, New York and Los Angeles. At Las Velas, glasses clinked for toasts after they were endlessly re-filled with the creamy concoction that comes in two flavors, Peach Crème and Strawberry Crème.

Qream is 99 percent lactose-free, with a taste reminiscent of drinking strawberry and peach-flavored milkshakes. The beverage was served on the rocks or mixed with refreshing coconut water, garnished with fresh strawberry and peach slices.

DJ Mr. Rogers and 97.9's DJ Eque provided sounds throughout the night. At the start of the evening, penguin-suited servers walked around with trays of gourmet-style mini-cheeseburgers, garlic fries and delectable cupcakes.

At about 10 p.m., Williams eased into the party and went smoothly unnoticed by the crowd for a good 10 minutes before being bombarded with daps, hugs and picture requests. He humbly smiled while thanking everyone for being in attendance to partake in the free food and drinks.

pharrell thugga.JPG
L-R: Slim Thug, Pharrell, Friday's promoter David Anderson of 20.10 Media.
One of Friday's special guests was Slim Thug. The majority of Thugga's debut studio album Already Platinum was produced by the Neptunes, with features from Williams. (It was also released on Williams' Star Trak label.)

Other notable Houston guests in attendance were The Niceguys and the King of the Trill, Bun B. See more photos on Pages 2 and 3.

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Sounds delicious!  Can't wait to taste!  The bottle looks great, also!

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