George Strait's Top 20 Songs Of All Time: Nos. 10-6

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Before we proceed to today's portion of the George Strait countdown - catch up with Nos. 20-16 and 15-11 - here are a few interesting tidbits about King George. It is "fact-finding Friday," after all.

Strait has been a spokesperson for Resistol hats, Justin boots, Wrangler jeans, Chevy trucks and Central/South Texas farm-and-ranch outfitter Tractor Supply Co... Bubba Strait, who co-wrote several songs on his dad's new album Here For a Good Time, competed in team roping at the 2006 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo shortly before George Sr. performed as the evening's entertainment... The lyrics "I ain't here for a long time, I'm here for a good time" from Strait's most recent single, "Here for a Good Time," are also the catchphrase of ex-WWE wrestler and Sirius/XM Outlaw Country weekend DJ Hillbilly Jim.

"Here for a Good Time" is currently No. 9 on the Billboard country singles chart. Now, on with the countdown. Today we've got some of Strait's finest balladry, a lively if geographically misguided Cajun jam and his answer to the liberal sexual mores of the late '70s.

10. "Run": Is this the most female-friendly Strait track? Possibly. It reaffirmed to country gals everywhere the attractiveness of Strait, while giving the guys a song to send to their gals. You should see the couples dance to this in the aisles at Strait shows. Craig Hlavaty

Written By: Tony Lane & Anthony Smith
Originally Released On: The Road Less Traveled (2001)

9. "Adalaida": Strait shows he knows Cajun in this frisky two-step that was a No. 3 hit in 1995. Although Acadiana peters out well before Lake Ponchartain, which figures prominently in the lengths Strait swears he'll go to win the love of his "sweet Dixie flower," his Louisiana fans probably don't mind. "Hurricane" doesn't rhyme with "Bayou Teche," after all. Chris Gray

Written By: Mike Geiger, Mike Huffman & Woody Mullis
Originally Released On: Lead On (1994)

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80 Proof Bottle Of Tearstopper and Lefty's Gone were two of his songs I likedI have all of George's albums that were released on 33 vinyl, 45s and all his CDs

Saw him in Alvin back in the early 80s and at The Summit in Houston

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