Peter, Bjorn & John Giving Away Free Food At 4 p.m.

PBJ Foodmap sept27.jpg
PB&J: Live from the ribeye.
If there's anything Houston is known for more than live music, it's food trucks. So leave it to Swedish trio Peter, Bjorn & John to combine the two. What else would you expect from a band named after a popular sandwich?

Seriously, it's hard to find decent food on tour. If Rocks Off came all the way from Sweden to play a show, we'd want something besides a deli tray from Kroger. As part of PB&J's "All You Can Eat Tour" - in which, as you can see above, they have thoughtfully depicted Texas as a big juicy raw steak - they're teaming up with Oh My! Pocket Pies to give away some filled pastries and stuff 4 p.m. this afternoon at Warehouse Live. (Burgers, fries and desserts are also available.)

Rocks Off supposes a "whistle-stop" tour would have been too obvious. Stay for the show, too. Houston's Oax is opening, and we hear good things. Seems like a mid-'90s, Sebadoh-ish indie-rock sort of thing. Here's a preview:

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Warehouse Live

813 St. Emanuel, Houston, TX

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furioso ateo
furioso ateo

I don't think we're really known for either of those, are we? Like, at all.

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