Father Figures: 100 Famous Musicians' Paternal Professions

mrpeppermint sept28.jpg
Mr. Peppermint: Sire of a Surfer.
If you're a Texan of a certain age, this week you've probably spent some time mourning the death of Jerry Haynes, the children's TV host better known as Mr. Peppermint. Haynes' show on WFAA-TV in Dallas, Peppermint Place, ran from the '60s to the '90s and was widely syndicated across the state, including in Houston. (Rocks Off is surprised it lasted that long... we never saw it.)

The worlds of puppet-strewn children's television and depraved psychedelic shock-rock don't often meet, but they did here. Mr. Peppermint's eldest son is none other than Gibson Haynes, better known as Gibby Haynes, lead singer, shrieker and Gibbytronix manipulator of the Butthole Surfers. This pair of oddball father-son professions naturally got Rocks Off wondering some other famous musicians' dads did for a living.

Several hours later, after combing Wikipedia, Google Books and many other Web sites, here are 100, grouped into a few reasonable categories. You'll find doctors, lawyers, engineers, laborers, farmers, teachers and plenty of musicians, some of whom were quite famous in their own right. There's even a few journalists and what we politely refer to as "deadbeats."

To paraphrase British author and composer Anthony Burgess - whose own dad was a bookkeeper and tobacconist - all of human life is here... all male human life, anyway.

Note: Sibling musicians are counted as one here. Since they had the same dad.


elvisdad sept28.jpg
Beyonce & Solange Knowles: Mathew Knowles, Xerox employee/music executive

Julian Casablancas, The Strokes: John Casablancas, Elite Modeling Agency founder

Elvis Costello: Ross McManus, musician (trumpet, Joe Loss & His Orchestra)

Rodney Crowell: James W. Crowell, musician/bandleader

Flea: Walter Urban Jr. (stepfather), jazz musician

Billy F. Gibbons, ZZ Top: Frederick Royal "Freddie" Gibbons, musician/bandleader (piano)

Dave Grohl: James Grohl, journalist/speechwriter/campaign manager

Albert Hammond Jr., The Strokes: Albert Hammond Sr., singer-songwriter ("To All the Girls I've Loved Before")

Whitney Houston: John R. Houston, entertainment manager (Sweet Inspirations, Whitney's mom Cissy, Whitney)

John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin: Joe Baldwin, musician/arranger (Ambrose Orchestra)

Anthony Kiedis, Red Hot Chili Peppers: John Kiedis, actor/drug dealer

Lenny Kravitz: Sy Kravitz, NBC News producer

Courtney Love: Hank Harrison, publisher/Grateful Dead road manager

Paul McCartney: James "Jim" McCartney, musician/bandleader (Jim Mac's Jazz Orchestra)

tugmcgrawcard sept28.jpg
Tim McGraw: Frank E. "Tug" McGraw, professional baseball player (relief pitcher, Mets/Phillies)

Elvis Perkins: Anthony Perkins, actor (Psycho)

Paul Simon: Louis Simon, musician (bass)

Pete Townshend: Clifford Townshend, musician (saxophonist, The Squadronaires)

Prince: John L. Nelson, jazz musician

Slash: Anthony Hudson, visual artist

Steven Tyler: Victor Tallarico, classical pianist

Eddie Vedder: Edward Louis Severson Jr., lounge musician

Amy Winehouse: Mitch Winehouse, cab driver/jazz singer

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