Dig This: Dig Dug, Bang Bangz, Los Skarnales, The Wiggins & Craig Kinsey

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The current volume of local music is staggering, so Rocks Off wants to help you (and ourselves) keep up.

digdug sept23.jpg
Dig Dug
Dig This is back with another round of gems following some successful mining of the Internet. Here's another handful of local music acts for you to explore, including a few that you can see in the flesh this week. Don't wait; dig in.

Dig Dug: What more appropriate band to start off this installment of Dig This than Dig Dug? Stop scratching that head, and quit wondering why we're talking about a band that broke up a decade ago and has only played one show since, in 2007.

The punk trio of Matt and Lucas Juarez and John Michael Christofell is playing a reunion show Sunday at Vinyl Junkie on Sunday. Dig Dug's only remaining online presence is MySpace, but digging through the 7" records at Vinal Edge or Sound Exchange might net you a vintage piece of Act Your Age or Rebound Records wax featuring these boys.

bangbangz sept23.jpg
Bang Bangz
Bang Bangz: We first wrote about Bang Bangz in advance of their debut show with Mikey & The Drags last month. The now-trio of Mario Rodriguez, Elizabeth Salazar and Vik Montemayor has a pair of songs online now, featuring shimmering textures and cooing vocals, and are at work on an EP to be released in early December.

Other Sites: Bandcamp, Soundcloud

los skarnales sept23.jpg
Los Skarnales
Los Skarnales: Rocks Off is admittedly at a severe disadvantage here, as we don't speak more than a handful of Spanish. That doesn't stop us from enjoying the joyful whirlwind known as Los Skarnales, however. Formed way back in 1993 at, (according to their bio, at least), "a time when Spanish rock outfits performing in Houston were content to churn out generic covers of tunes by popular Mexico-based rock bands or, even worse, lame interpretations of American hits," Felipe Galvan and crew have since infected the city with their joyful, punky caldo of ska, reggae, rockabilly, swing, mambo, and cumbia.

To find out why we'll still dance our butts off despite the language gap, catch the "Brothers of Ska" at BestFest Saturday afternoon.

Other Sites: MySpace, Reverbnation

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