Black Queen Speaks Uses CD Release For Firefighter Relief

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Black Queen Speaks is, on the surface, a band we should detest. Their sound resembles much of what killed rock and roll deader than all the drugs, plane crashes and vomit-clogged airways combined. At first listen, you can just chalk them up as another Buzzworthy act, in the end just one more voice screaming their constant victimization through a cheap mask of strut and Hollywood imagecraft.

All that, though, is a mirage. As hard as we try, we cannot unhear what we have heard.

Sure, Black Queen Speaks probably stiffens the meathoses of fratheads, too, but that's not their fault. With the release of their seven-song EP Campeador, they are exploring a whole new level of honesty and rawness, as well as the lyrical twists of phrase that made listening to Guns N' Roses such a life-changing experience.

Indeed, it's the deep cuts from the Use Your Illusion albums that we most found kinship with in the album. We're talking about tracks like "Dust and Bones" and "Bad Apple" here. Whatever combination of inherent songwriting talent, good production, and voodoo wizadry made those albums iconic is drizzled throughout the mix of Black Queen Speak's latest release.

d2 day.jpg
Guitarist D2 Day
For our money, "Son" is the album's crowing moment of glory. Anytime you open a song with the line "I am the son of the devil," then you've pretty much won our vote for whatever Most Awesome category you're currently in the running for. It's got this wonderful, hopeless rage. It's the scream right before you have to, yes have to, punch a hole in a wall or just explode from the buildup inside you.

Most of the album echoes these sentiments. Don't get us wrong, we're not saying that listening to Campeador is like putting in a Joy Division album before opening up a nice bottle of wine and an even nicer vein in your wrist. It's very much alive, throbbing actually now that we think about it. It pulses with rapidly exploding guitars, some of the most solid drumming we've ever heard on a rock record, and maximum enjoyability through sonic evacuation.

In short Campeador is to modern rock what Dan Trachtenberg's Portal short is to cinematic video-game adaptations... a chokehold and two quick backhands to their respective industries while saying "Like THIS, fuckers. Do it THIS way."

By the Jolly Green Giant's Verdant Ballsack, will somebody please throw Black Queen Speaks into the petri dish of Houston radio and hope they cure some of the more unfortunate infections?

If you want to catch Black Queen Speaks live, Saturday at 2016 Mainstage is when you want to do it. Not only will they be playing cuts from Campeador, but they are using the concert to raise money for the Fire Fighters Foundation of Houston in honor of the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The FFFH provides benefits and assistants to the families of fire fighters killed in the line of duty, as well as equipment used by fire fighters to save lives.

Bearing in mind the recent wildfires, it would be a very decent thing to do to join with Black Queen Speaks in trying to raise some scratch for a group of heroes fighting a desperate battle as we speak.

We sat down with the band via email to talk about Campeador. Check out Page 2 for their words.

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I saw this band once with my girlfriend. We were both blown away by the rock that we heard, and early the next day, I found out my GF was pregnant. Only problem was I was, and still am, a virgin. 


You're a dork, Ty. Love, Ann

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