BestFest: Don't Be Afraid Of The Bus

Photos by Groovehouse
Here's another tip: Take the bus.

The light-rail shutdown isn't harshing the BestFest buzz. Rocks Off rode the Rail Shuttle earlier today, and we can tell you it was just fine. A little crowded, but not uncomfortably so, and we rode downtown to retrieve some things from our office in style. The stops are all along the usual rail route; it's No. 700.

Also, the buses are air-conditioned. So hop on and get down here. Or you could be like Little Joe Washington, seen here peeping Los Skarnales, and ride a bike. Joe, who plays at 2 p.m. Tomorrow on the main stage, was cruising the grounds on his pedal-powered ride a little later. The man gets around.

BF Little Joe 1.JPG

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