Cy Fyre: Mega-Producer Builds Big Beats, Never Sleeps

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What we have here is the invisible man; little more than a name, some sounds and a vague outline of a person. This, folks, is Cy Fyre. The picture at right is, apparently, the only visual proof of his existence on the Internet.

Cy Fyre is a producer and fast becoming a Houston rap staple. He's made music that all kinds of people have decided to rap on, from eventual Houston legends (Trae, Slim, Cham, more) to self-proclaimed bosses (Rick Ross) to guys who get caught crying on the phone (Young Buck) and so on. He's been so prolific, in fact, that in the last installment of the Houston Press Underground Rap Awards, we named the Cy Fyre's Best Beat award after him.

So, duh, it seemed time to wiggle him into the Artist of the Week camp.

Rocks Off: Tell everyone everything they need to know about Cy Fyre in exactly six words.

Cy Fyre: I'm A Producer and I'm Coming. (No Homo.)

RO: This might seem like a silly question, and maybe it is, but: How is it that a producer makes money? It seems like people just sort of give beats away, or rappers will just snag something from the internet. It's like, I mean, how does a butcher stay in business when there's free meat everywhere, y'know?

CF: Why people spend their hard-earned money with me has always been a mystery to me. I thank God for it. My company, the Fyre Factory Music group, offers production, recording, mixing, mastering, videos, GFX, live band services, writing, CD duplication and more to supplement income, but our main thing is beats. I'm still trying to find out why we're almost successful, cuz, like you said, there's mad free/dope shit out there and we sell a lot of beats. We have free shit as well, though.

RO: What are you four favorite rap beats of all-time? Not ones that you produced, but just beats in general.

CF: Jadakiss "We Gon' Make It"; Puff Daddy "Benjamins"; Amil and Jay-Z , "4 Tha Fam"; Baby "What Happened To That Boy" I have a lot. Ross "B.M.F."; Jeezy, "Hypnotize"; Scarface, "Smile"; Keke, "Gotta Be A G"; Mike Jones, "Mr. Jones"; I could go on. My favorite period was the Bad Boy x Roc era though.

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