ACL Find: The Cave Singers At The Vista Equity Tent

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Craig Hlavaty
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We found ourselves in front the Cave Singers on Friday afternoon with a few hundred folks, escaping the Sun and the cheerfulness and pomp of the other bands going at the same time (Big Boi, Foster The People) for some dark art at the Vista Equity Tent.

About halfway through their set we realized that they were our Black Angels surrogates, standing in place of our favorite Austin doom-garage group who aren't playing ACL this year. The Cave Singers, led by Pete Quirk and looking like a classic-era George Carlin impersonator, howled and hissed for an hour.

No bass, just a nasty acoustic/electric guitar backing, and drums.

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Jim Porter
Jim Porter

They remind me of a Pentecostal version of the Waterboys.

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