ACL: Cults Semi-Wows To Start Our Day And Ha Ha Tonka Bassist Says To Hell With Smoking Ban

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Craig Hlavaty
Smoking ban? What smoking ban? Ha Ha Tonka bassist Lucas Long don't care about the smoking ban at Zilker Park. Good times, y'all.

In other news, we just checked out Cults, who will be at Cactus Music tomorrow. Even though they were the first big band of the day, they had a great crowd curious to see how their self-titled album would sound live. We dug it, even though the acoustics weren't that helpful on a huge festival stage, with the echo-laden garage-pop a tad off-kilter.

2011-09-16 10-56-51.jpg
Marco Torres
Madeline Follin of Cults
We stopped in to see the Barton Hills Choir sing a few oldies and hippie standards. The group is all elementary age kids, and reaffirmed that not every act at ACL are road-weary and industry-bitten. Like a bridge over troubled water.

And we just had a rainy patch at the park. Fun never ends. Hope this blows over to Houston.

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Clay Wisner
Clay Wisner

amen on the rain! going to the ACL taping tomorrow - no festie tix, though. <sigh> </sigh>

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