45 Years Of The Chevy Camaro In Rock & Roll

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Easy ladies, it's just a picture.
Today is the 45th birthday of the Chevrolet Camaro, a car we may never own but respect just the same. It's not that we hate Camaros, because you are reading the writings of an avowed Chevy man, but we are scared that if we bought a Camaro, we would quit our job and spend our time solving crimes while driving said Camaro.

Since 1966, the Camaro has been one of the most coveted Chevy products we can think of, besides of course the HHR we drive, whose curves are just as sexy as that of any era of Camaro, if you think boxy and utilitarian is sexy. There have been four generations of Camaros since the debut of the 1967 model in September '66.

The Camaro was discontinued in 2002 due to slow sales and changing tastes, but revived in 2009 when Americans decided to hell with gas prices, the economy, and feeding their families and demanded a Camaro again. We like to go fast.

Camaros have like, really powerful engines, and the vector on their design makes it easier for them to traverse fast speeds, which is facilitated twofold by their complex hood structure. Ralph Nader owns at least four of them, and the car's closest competition is the Ford Mustang, which is assembled in China by toddlers.

Alright, we know nothing about cars, Camaros, China, or Ralph Nader, but we do know that Camaros are cool and that bands have written songs about them and the many varieties you can find of them, like the Z-28.

Oh! John Cusack had one in Better Off Dead, and Bumblebee from the Transformers movies was a Camaro. Also, Rocks Off's little brother can afford a Camaro, and Rocks Off cannot. So there's that.

Here are a handful of songs that mention Camaros and their special versions, for all you car nerds. Excuse us while we make out our payment to Chevy for our HHR and cry onto our laptop.

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Mel Sharkskin
Mel Sharkskin

Ah, the romance of the Camaro, oh, the memories. I was in love for the first time when I bought my one and only Camaro new in '78, painted blinding yellow of course. And now, well into middle age, I have no memories more transcendent than tearing down the Gulf Freeway at 105 mph to meet my girl, The Boss's "Rosalita" screaming from my windows. Need one even mention that her parents detested me? That car did mulitiple duty as a bar, a music and confession booth and, quite frequently, an hourly motel room for the two of us, though it really sucked at the latter function. Still, when one is in love, does it really matter?


Camaro knock-offs with carbon fiber or even hemp fiber bodies and electric drives soon to come from Asians! They will however, have seats fitted to Asian sized asses - 98 pound female asses - the only folks left on earth with pay-checks big enough to buy them! Ford motor Company, of USA building three Uber-Huge, Super-Factories, designed to be 'manned' specifically, even exclusively by 98 pound Asian women, in China very near their Thorium fueled CANDU reactor. Watch now, as the Asian market explodes, gasoline prices world wide are bid ever upward by stronger bids in Yuan, and America suffers even another embarrassment. 

Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood

Learning the cost of insurance for a Camaro with a young driver is one of the few events in my life that left me thunderstruck and mute.

Insurance companies must see the Camaro as CCC - Cash Cow Camaro!

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