Remember SYDTHEMAN's Singin' Rappin' & Cussin'?

Best Song on the Album: "All I Need Is You"

There's a song on the album called "SYDTHEMAN Blues" that is actually back-alley jazz, that is concocted and executed with such deftness and artistry that you can make it through just about the entire song before you realize that he's talking about getting "sloppy, sloppy head."

The aforementioned "Words Just Can't Explain It" has enough pathos that, even in its most clichéd moments, makes you feel like you've been dropkicked you in the chest. There's a song that flips a Kanye song. There's a song that pokes at Beyonce's "Put a Ring On It."

There's a we're-in-this-shitty-world-together song with this extra fun line in it: "And I don't do a lot of stressin' and such, that's why my shoulders really hurt, cuz I be shruggin' so much." There's are a couple of doo-wop/Frankie Lymon-bent moments on a couple of separate songs, and a couple of genuine LOL music bits.

But none of them are better than gorgeous, feather-light "All I Need Is You," wherein SYD, in plan pat English, explains the only thing he'll ever need (You, duh) and completely sets free his moon-high, royal-blue falsetto. Listen to it all the way through. There's a bit at the end where he begins skatting that is sunlight bright.

It is a genuine contender for Houston Song of the Year.

Completely Generic Comparison: To be as lamely mediocre about describing SYD as possible: He is what happens if you take Devin the Dude's libido and mesh it with Erykah Badu's voice box.

Obscure Fact(s) You Can Pawn Off As Your Own To Make Yourself Look Smart:

Prior to this (and still kind of now), SYD performed (performs) singing covers of songs for whichever companies wanted to hire him to do such things.

There's a video of SYD on Youtube singing "God Bless America" that was uploaded to two years ago. He's without a shirt in it, standing there singing to an upwards-facing camera, with a bunch of fake flowers behind him. Just like Irving Berlin dreamed when he wrote it.

SYDTHEMAN and his band perform 10 p.m. Friday at Reserve Lounge (723 Main).

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