Wicked Poseur Is The Real Deal - Believe It

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Wicked Poseur has really got you by the balls. That's all there is to it.

The indie-rock terrors manage to twist all sorts of distortion and confetti into a glorious bit of sounds. It's competitive, raunchy, brave music, thumping enough that you can't deny their talent, but far enough from the traditional template that, should you even consider arguing that they aren't some manner of brilliant, you'll almost immediately be hit with the dreaded "You just don't get it" tag.

And that tag is the worst. That shit's harder to get rid of than chlamydia, bro. So basically, you can either like Wicked Poseur or you can be worse than chlamydia. Wicked, indeed.

So we reached over to them, sending across exactly seven questions, to which they responded in various forms of coherency. Have fun.

Rocks Off: First, tell everyone everything they need know about Wicked Poseur in exactly six words.

Wicked Poseur: We eat a lot of Arby's.

RO: When you all are practicing, do you all take intermittent breaks to just throw glitter in the air and paint each other's faces and whatnot?

WP: Well, sort of... we just joined the New Pilgrim movement.

Wicked Poseur, "Behind Winding Vines"

RO: You all have a line that says, "You look like a gross chewed piece of food." That's pretty excellent. Can you explain that please?

WP: Mirrors never lie, do they?

RO: Sometimes, it feels like Wicked Poseur is extra, extra meta. Like, you know that Hipster Runoff site, how it's hyper-hipster as a means of educating? You guys can feel like that. Like, it feels like if we say that I don't like your music, somehow that means we're dumb, dumb, dumb. Are you all aware of that?

WP: Totes.

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Wicked New York
Wicked New York

I was trying to find out some stuff related to Wicked Broadway show.. i got stuck in that post it is cool.. in fact funny ... 

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