Why The Bloggerati Turned On The Watch The Throne Leaker

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Things just ain't the same for bloggers. A couple of events transpired in the last few weeks that may completely change the way most people view music bloggers. First, there was the incident where a writer from The Fader got kicked out of a media-only listening session for Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne.

The duo's handlers had made their "no tweets" policy clear. Homeboy whipped out his smartphone and got the boot immediately. But that wasn't the end of that episode. He was further reviled by his peers on Twitter. Worse still, he landed a spot on Rap Radar's infamous You Played Yourself, a column typically reserved for losers.

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History repeated itself Monday night at another Throne session, this one held at the Hayden Planetarium inside the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Security was crazy; one attendee remarked that the "gatekeepers were more like Roger Clemens on the mound juiced up to the fullest."

Folks were instructed to check in their phones. Despite all the restrictions, blogger DDot Omen managed to walk out of the theater with a cache of lo-fi snippets. He posted a detailed review of the album on his site along with the muffled tunes, and came under fire within minutes.

Omen maintains that he only shared those snippets to enhance his review. No matter how well-intentioned, the blogosphere wasn't buying any of it. They pelted him with a barrage of angry tweets, and he eventually joined the Fader writer on Rap Radar's wall of shame. The message from the bloggerati was clear: You fucked up, homie.

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