What Hip-Hop's Cash Kings Should Buy With All That Loot

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Forbes has unveiled its annual list of hip-hop cash kings. The Top 20 includes 21 big shottas - who said math was a requirement to work at Forbes? - with whom we'd gladly trade bank accounts.

Pop the hood to see Rocks Off's breakdown of the Top 10 earners and what they should buy with all that extra loot.

Ludacris_Chicken___Beer aug10.jpg
10. Ludacris: $12 million

What He Should Buy: Pay someone to finally move that bitch out the way.

9. Akon: $13 million

What He Should Buy: The Game's backstory so he could actually justify his inclusion; a voice coach.

6. (tie) Snoop Dogg: $14 million

What He Should Buy: A remote-control blunt roller that responds to the word "tangerine."

the_chronic aug10.jpg
Dr. Dre

What He Should Buy: Pay someone to finish that damn Detox album.


What He Should Buy: James Earl Jones' voicebox.

4. (tie) Birdman: $15 million

What He Should Buy: Lil Wayne's rhyme book; a hand-warmer to help cope with his hand-rubbing issue.

Lil Wayne

What He Should Buy: 
Polo mouthwash.

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