Watch The Throne: Two Self-Appointed Supermen, Acting Normal As Can Be

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Kanye West is a rapper from Chicago and Jay-Z is a rapper from New York. They made an album together and they called it Watch the Throne and DAS CCRRAAAZZZYYY!!!!

It's silly to pretend like Throne isn't good, or at least interesting. Or at least rich. Or at least contemplative. Or at least involved, self- or otherwise. Or at least a little facetious. Or at least extra serious. Or at least hyper-preposterous.

In parts, it's all of those.

Guest Features: Frank Ocean, the gorgeous, glorious, sudden-superstar singer, is entirely comfortable with the air Jay and Kanye breathe in the castles of "No Church In the Wild" and "Made In America." On the latter, he manages to purposely reference Martin Luther King Jr. and accidentally reference Will Ferrell's Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby movie less than 25 seconds apart.

Mr. Hudson is immodest in his rock day howling on "Why I Love You."

Beyonce muddles the almost gigantic "Lift Off," singing(?) "How many people you know can take it this far" like she's winking at how grandiose their whole situation is, but kind of doesn't understand why it's not totally normal to everyone.

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To that: Kanye and Jay-Z are removed by enough spaces/days/experiences that, barring the apocalypse or Brad Pitt and Edward Norton getting their shit together proper, they will never know what it's like to be a normal human being. Beyonce is like that, too. Do not be surprised if when she and Jay have a baby, it comes out missing ears or with supersight or whatever it is that the next level of people will possess.

To that's to that: what's bizarre to consider about Throne, or what will be perceived and horned as bizarre, is that Jay and Kanye are rapping about ridiculous things that are not ridiculous to themselves. For them, the idea of minimalism, let alone the aesthetic, is atrocious.

Of course Kanye has an other, other Benz. Duh. And it's not unrealistic to assume that Jay-Z probably has planked on a million dollars. It might actually be surprising if he hasn't. Double duh.

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fuck them and their contempt for indie record stores


Anyone else not get a digital download link from buying it for the Houston show? All I got was the confirmation and then the notification that it was delivered to my Flash account. 


Why not the same outcry for the new Transformers movie not showing at River Oaks?


because unlike other "superstar" acts, Kanye and JayZ SELL at indie retail and indie retail helped both of them establish their careers--that's why. thanks foir askin' 

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