Tumblrin' Dice: Kanye West Does Like White People

West with Kelly Osbourne, white daughter of noted white musician Ozzy Osbourne.
This morning in our daily Tumblr stroll for skull and Katy Perry pics, we found Kanye West With White People, a site dedicated to pictures of Der Fuhrer West with various white folks who are in natural poses, even smiling, while standing next to West. Considering his staunch opinion that he is the current Hitler, it's only fair that he be surrounded by the fair-skinned, even if some of them are Jewish.

Anti-Semitism is played out anyway.

Just to be clear, as much shit as we stir about West, we still listen to his music on the reg, which should make him sleep better at night. In fact, he may be our favorite rapper that isn't Slim Thug or DMX. In fact, if we could be any rapper, we would be West, because then we could date Kate Upton and just, like, dump her for no reason.

Yes, that's Michael Stipe, white lead singer of white alt-rock band R.E.M.

Where all the white women at? Standing next to Kanye!

It's snowing!

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 As he is frowning in 3 out of 5 pictures, I will assume that Kanye West does not care about white people.

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