Top 10 Nu-Metal Fashion Violations

Life is filled with ups and downs, and music is no exception. Just as the rock and roll renaissance of the '60s and '70s gave way to the mindless era of disco, the depth and fury of the punk and grunge movements eventually degenerated into the watered-down genre commonly referred to as nu-metal.

Described by Urban Dictionary as the "direct result of Metal getting completely blasted at a bar and screwing Emo in the back alley, then allowing the resulting child to be raised by an angst-y teenage girl," the category has taken a beating over the years for what many feel are lobotomized lyrics, uncomplicated melodies, and deliberately misspelled band names that read like a preteen text message.

But no nu-metal characteristic is more easily identified than the similarities in physical appearance among the artists, a laundry list of bad hair and and unfortunate clothing decisions that seem to be a universal theme throughout the genre. Rocks Off determined ten of the most common, and listed them below.

Violaton: Aggravated Dreadlock Assault
Most Grievous Offender: KoRn

The band at the forefront of the nu-metal movement, Korn is directly or indirectly responsible for 75 percent of the offenses on this list. Most notably, KoRn needs to answer for the white-guy dreadlocks worn by one out of every four nu-metal band members.

Violation: Indecent Display of a Beard
Most Grievous Offender: System of a Down

One beard elastic is too many. Sixteen is outrageous.

Violation: Conspiracy to Grow a Goatee
Most Grievous Offender: Lacuna Coil

Five dudes with matching chin growth. Coincidence? We think not.

Violation: Excessive Over-Styling
Most Grievous Offender: Papa Roach

If Liza Minelli joined a rock band, I'd imagine it would look something like this. Extra points for the locks of hair strategically attached to his face.

Violation: Unlawful Use of Highlights
Most Grievous Offender: Five Finger Death Punch

Dudes with highlights are one thing, dudes with bleach-dipped dreadlocks are quite another.

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The guy from Papa Roach looks to be bending over and taking it from the guy leaning into it behind him. Maybe that's why his hair sticks to his face. Sorry, I couldn't help it.


Saliva = Guy Fieri's big brothers.

Early Cuyler
Early Cuyler

What a bunch of hair farmers.  Anyone ever seen that weird ass old movie Liquid Sky?  I swear all the dudes with angular haircuts in the photos were influenced by the girls' hair styles in that movie.

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