Comfortably Numb: Songs For Your Deathbed

"My ride's here."
Rocks Off has never died, it's true. Though we sometimes find ourselves dying in small doses day to day when we spy an old man clip his toenails in the nude at the gym, or we open up a dozen emails from record label PR folk touting a five-date national tour.

Living humans are obsessed with dead humans, and our own deaths are built up in our heads to be these grand, painless things, full of friends and family surrounding us in a bed, as we drift off into...well, we have never died so we aren't too sure what happens.

Being huge, monstrous music fans, like you no doubt are if you are reading Rocks Off, you may have thought about the perfect music to soundtrack your final few minutes here on Earth. When Joey Ramone was saying his farewells to the world in April 2001, he was listening to U2's "In a Little While," from All That You Can't Leave Behind, released the year before.

We asked the grand Twitter peanut gallery what songs that they would prefer to hear as the lights slowly go out around them, and they step into the great unknown. We picked Iggy Pop's "The Passenger" (as always), and added a bonus cut, Accept's "Balls To The Wall," because that's what life is all about. Pure metal pain.

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John Seaborn Gray
John Seaborn Gray

Tom Waits' "Tango 'Til They're Sore", then Old 97s' "Weightless".

Road Cat
Road Cat

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