Don't Be Sad About Saturday's Bummerfest

The name of the event is actually kind of paradoxical. Jonathan Patrick of White Crime has put together the festival as a launch party for his new cassette label, Bummer Tapes, at the Ponderosa House (1503 Nance, near Last Concert Cafe) with 12 other local bands. The party also marks the releases of new tapes by White Crime and fellow punks Noguey.

While his official tape label is a fairly recent business venture, Patrick plans to continue recording and releasing tapes with other bands and eventually diversify his project.

whitecrime aug11.jpg
Saturday: Tapes N Tapes (and more tapes).
"It started with me recording Noguey and releasing their tape but it's expanded into other releases, including some vinyl in the near future," he says.

The Bummerfest lineup includes MUHAMMADALI, The Flesh Lights, The Mahas, Cop Warmth, Clockpole, and Secret Prostitutes. $7 gets you in the door and into a raffle for one of of the White Crime and Noguey tapes, part of both bands' have a limited-release run of 50 tapes apiece.

A few of the bands on the lineup will be going on tour in the next month or two, so it will be a great chance to see them all together before they depart and leave us sitting around on our asses wondering what show to go to on Friday nights.

Or, just listen to Patrick: "It's an excuse to have a rock and roll party every few months, and it's an alternative to wimp-rock."

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Insane asshole
Insane asshole

Love all the shit about credit, who fucking cares. It's about the people going to the show and the bands playing. 

Robert Delossantos
Robert Delossantos

Joe Ortiz, please don't show my girlfriend your dick. It makes me feel insecure.

No credit contest, everybody deserves it cause without the bands, bummerfest wouldnt have happen, so at the end of the day, its the bands that deserve all the praise.


You forgot Herber Quattro. He kickstarted everything because he wanted to have his own fucked up punk show. If he had not hounded all of the bands, we wouldn't have Bummerfest. 


Um, I'm pretty sure it was Jon that was booking all the bands and stressing out over every detail of this fest, I know Herber wanted to have a show that same day and Jon, being a good friend asked to combine them, but come on dude, Jon deserves credit for this, he booked all but maybe two of the bands, secured the location, the PA and the kegs.

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