Rick Perry Campaign Songs You May Hear Soon

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Bryan Williams
"Hey man, is that Freedom Rock? Turn it up!"
In news that surprised absolutely no one, Rick Perry - governor of the great state of Texas for 11 years running - announced his candidacy for Presidency of the United States last weekend. The news of Perry throwing his hat in the ring stole a healthy share of the spotlight from Iowa straw poll winner Michelle Bachmann, and brought the nation one step closer to a terrfiying possibility: An Aggie in the White House.

Presidential campaigns are exhausting affairs, and the issues facing the candidate are numerous indeed. There are potential running mates to vet, skeletons to keep buried, and last but certainly not least, campaign songs to select. Given Perry's aggressive homerism regarding his state of residence, it's possible he might pick a song near and dear to Texans' hearts. Or maybe he'll select something that highlights key planks in his campaign platform.

Like any candidate, Perry must choose wisely. Select the wrong anthem and you run the risk of alienating potential voters or, even worse, angering the person who wrote the song (our advice: don't even think about Bruce Springsteen). Because we called "Perry/Palin 2012" way back in February of '10 (at their "Super Sunday" rally), Rocks Off is here to help with a selection of likely tunes, and the odds their respective singers would let Perry use them for his campaign.

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Ray Wylie Hubbard, "Screw You, We're From Texas"

Why It Works: A number of pundits are questioning whether Perry's aggressive Texan posturing might cost him votes among less self-aggrandizing voters. Choosing this classic from our third favorite UNT grad (our sister and Joe Don Baker have to rank higher) would be a sign that Perry isn't going to be pushed around by the liberal media.

Odds The Artist Would Allow It: < 10% - Hubbard might suggest "Snake Farm" as an alternative.

The Silhouettes, "Get a Job"

Why It Works: Perry is making Texas' job growth the centerpiece of his campaign. Maybe all a nation mired in 9% unemployment needs is a chirpy doo-wop anthem to get people off their butts and pounding the pavement.

Odds The Artist Would Allow It: 100% - The last member of the group died in 2005.

killthepoor aug 18.jpg
Dead Kennedys, "Kill the Poor"

Why It Works: Perry likes to trumpet the "Texas miracle" of job creation while ignoring the state's dismal ranking in caring for its children or the poor. Texas ranks at the bottom nationally in everything from education to infant mortality, so at least it'd be an honest assessment.

Odds The Artist Would Allow It: That's tough. Jello Biafra is notoriously contrarian, and might allow it just for shits and grins. Say 30%.

Lyle Lovett, "That's Right (You're Not From Texas)"

Why It Works: The song is a request to all those who don't understand Texas customs or the pride many residents feel in their state. Lovett's wry delivery might be enough to sway skeptics to Perry's camp.

Odds The Artist Would Allow It: Lovett and Perry have similar backgrounds (Lovett's parents raised horses, Perry's were cotton farmers), and both attended Texas A&M. Lovett also performed at both of George W. Bush's inauguration parties. Whether that was out of ideological similarities or because Lovett is a Texan through and through, though, Rocks Off can't say. 50%

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