Last Night: New Skool Back To School Concert At Warehouse Live

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Photos by Marco Torres
New Skool Back to School Concert feat. O.N.E., Eskabel, Killa Kyleon, DeAndre Wright, Dante Higgins, Hoodstar Chantz, Jack Freeman, Delo & Preemo
Warehouse Live
August 30, 2011

9:07 p.m.: Here for the "New Skool" Back to School show at Warehouse Live's supplemental room. A couple of people have performed already. The crowd is fairly small, with everyone lined up along the edges of the room. Hopefully the energy picks up soon. It's pretty drab right now. There's a guy in here wearing a tuxedo top with the sleeves cut off. It's probably his fault.

9:07:15: By the way, "New Skool" seems to be the stand-in term tonight for "New Houston," a phrase that has become a tad grating for some. There's no official New Houston lineup or roster sheet; it's said to encompass this entire class of rappers, but there are definitely names more closely associated with it than others.

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9:24: O.N.E. is up. He has an album coming out called Spirit Driven that, if the single he released (an emotive, expressive four minutes of music called "I Hope I Get It Right This Time") is any indication, will be good.

9:27: O. works hard onstage, consistently moving, constantly trying to keep the attention of the crowd. Cool, although he has chosen to rap over his own vocals, an offense only slightly more tolerable than, say, setting someone's home on fire or prison rape.

9:32: Hey, hey. Niq, most famous for being part of the G.R.i.T. Boys, has just wondered in. He is, hands down, the best black hippie in Houston. Love that guy.

9:38: O. is finishing his set with an a cappella, which sounds a lot like spoken word. Solid set.

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9:54: Ah yeah. Eskabel is up. We've been trying to catch this guy perform since he released that "Michael Jordan" track a while back. He refers to himself as the Black Shark. Fingers crossed that his set starts with the Jaws theme...

9:54:15: It did not. Dang.

10:10: Eskabel burned through a bunch of his tracks. The sound man here seems to be struggling a bit; it's been hard to hear a lot of what's going on, dreadful because he finishes with his maniacal version of "Otis," wherein he goes into a feeding frenzy (see that? see what we did there?). Still, he is clearly talented.

10:18: Ack... intermission... show's starting to drag... send help...

10:25: You know that DJ Chose song that goes, "DON'T STOP! POP THAT PUSSY! POP THAT PUSSY!" over and over again? It's probably the worst song in the world to play when you're dropping off your sons at their church-based private school, but it's pretty trenchant when played in this kind of setting. Were we in possession of said pussy right now, we would absolutely pop it. We'd pop it all over this place.

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Warehouse Live

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