Last Night: XV, The Niceguys & More At Warehouse Live

XV Aug11 a.jpg
Photos by Rizoh
XV, The Niceguys, Fat Tony, Uzoy
Warehouse Live Studio
August 10, 2011

XV has shitty luck in Houston. Every time he performs here, something terrible happens. Last time, his tour bus broke down. Wednesday night, his car flipped over three times on I-45. Luckily, he made it out alive with only a few scratches.

But Houston wasn't done with the Kansas-bred rapper. On his way to Wednesday night's show, he got pulled over for running a stop sign. XV admitted that there was a little alcohol involved in the crash.

Oh. We wouldn't have guessed that at all. We were leaning toward voodoo.

Uzoy aug11.jpg
"I'm lucky to be here," he told the Warehouse crowd later. "And we're gonna have a good fucking time."

We did. But before XV would get to party like it was his last, we were treated to a two-hour Houston hip-hop showcase.

Uzoy opened the show with her butane flow. Her set was energetic with a hint of ol' skool charm. Confidence. Passion. Substance. Houston's answer to Jean Grae. Fierce. Technically sound. True Golden Ager. Will do some damage once someone of import finds out about her.

Crowd was intrigued, too. Made us wonder how they would have reacted if they knew the words to her songs. She wondered, too. After the set, she went around and passed out copies of her mixtape, The [DEF]inition.

fat tony aug11.jpg
Fat Tony
After a million Fat Tony shows, you'd think you've seen it all. Not so. Tonight, Tony will show you. Oh, he will. He'll bring two hypemen onstage just because. He'll even remix an anthem like "Like Yeah" to keep things fresh. And he'll drop the beat and go a capella because he treats clever rhymes like hot legs.

He's got 'em and he has no problem flaunting 'em.

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Warehouse Live

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