Kings Of Leon Cancel Tour; 5 Ways Caleb Followill Can Get His Voice Back

Band cancels rest of U.S. tour including Texas make-up dates, TMZ says

UPDATE (4:40 p.m.): It's official, as per Live Nation press release: It ain't happenin'. Refunds available either automatically (for online/smartphone tickets) or at point of purchase.

caleb oct09 aug1.jpg
Caleb Followill in happier vocal times - Toyota Center, October 2009
Kings of Leon's big breakdown in Big D is still burning up the blogosphere, Twitterverse and less up-to-the-minute media. Rocks Off happened to be up at the crack of dawn today, and it was one of the three stories Channel 39's morning-news-with-an-attitude EyeOpener teased at the top of their broadcast.

Honestly, Rocks Off was not in the least bit surprised to hear what happened. As a good Southerner through and through, we admire the Followill boys' work-hard-play-hard lifestyle, but as someone over the age of 30, we are also fully aware of the toll it can reap on even the healthiest young buck's constitution.

The band had been more or less on the road nonstop since the release of 2008's Only By the Night, so by our estimation, Kings of Leon should have shut down their touring machine after the whole Final Four "Big Dance" rigamarole, if not sooner. Of course, try telling them that. Some people just have to learn the hard way, like opening their mouth to discover no more sound is coming out.

With a couple of days' hindsight, Kings of Leon are... coping. Whatever their "internal sicknesses" may be, at least they're not talking about breaking up or anything permanent. By Sunday, Jared (@youngfollowilll) was joking about hippies' "carbon footprints" on Twitter, and Nathan (@doctorfollowill) was chilling on the couch with his lady, saying "don't be getting all worried on me."

For his part, Caleb tweeted, "the heat got the best of me but we'll be back if you want us" Sunday and hasn't said much of anything since. Nevertheless, despite what was posted in the immediate aftermath of the Dallas walkoff and Woodlands postponement - that all was well, and the Woodlands show would be made up September 22 - TMZ reported Monday afternoon that the band has now canceled the rest of its U.S. dates, and will resume touring in Canada September 28.

"The band is devastated, but in order to give their fans the shows they deserve, they need to take this break," TMZ quotes a band rep. "Unfortunately, the U.S. dates cannot be rescheduled due to the band's international tour schedule."

For appearances' sake, Caleb might want to change his Twitter handle to something besides @drunk_followill, but maybe that's just us.

Rocks Off actually has some experience in this area - for an Austin Chronicle article about a decade ago, we talked to several Austin musicians, speech therapists and health professionals about the effects a lifetime of singing can have on the vocal chords. We're not sure how much we buy Caleb's complaint about the heat, because a well-hydrated, well-rested pair of vocal chords should be able to function in just about any temperature. Obviously, his weren't.

Regardless, here are five ways Followill can get them back in tip-top "Sex on Fire" shape for Canada, and whenever - if ever - they do make it back to Texas.

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I got one for ya: be a god damn man and suck it up.


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Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood

I agree that a well-hydrated, well-rested pair of vocal chords should be able to function in just about any temperature.

And yes, obviously, his weren't.

The vocal system works fine in Texas if can get your breath during July and August when you jump off the airplane or even drive here from a much different climate.

Several of Cut Copy band members looked like they were going to Die on the spot in early June here at Summer Fest!

Kevan Irsch
Kevan Irsch

"due to the abundance of chemicals the average joint or bong rip contains - no matter how "kind" the bud - may even be worse."

Wow, great misinformation. No credibility after reading that.


Didn't know weed was chemical free. /s

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