The Great Grinding Debate: Which Song Is Freakiest?

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. From time to time, Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

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Today's Panel: Bun B, Slim Thug, Z-Ro, OG Ron C, Chingo Bling, Kane, Preemo, Fat Tony, Mr. Wired Up (Oh Boy), Mic Skills, KAB, #Thurogod and more.

Not Invited: Freddy Krueger

This Week's Prompt: What is the best all-time song to have playing while you grind on someone at the club?

Bun B: I wouldn't know. At all.

Slim Thug: "Bump and Grind," R. Kelly.

Z-Ro: "Head, Head and Mo Head."

KAB: What [Z-Ro] said.

Kiotti: If you're a man, any old school Luke songs will do; R. Kelly old school. These young ladies prefer Trey Songz.

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RUKUS: Adina Howard, "T-Shirt and Panties."

Rap Round Table: That's better than her "Freak Like Me" song?

RUKUS: Easily. "Freak Like Me" is too uptempo. Trust me on this one. Ginuwine's "So Anxious" works wonders too.

Fat Tony: [Juvenile's] "Back That Azz Up" blew me away at age 11 and still does almost every time I hear it. Great song to wind to at any event.

Medicine Girl: Why Rick Ross' "Hustlin'," of course, that way you can stay M.O.E. while you're poppin' that P on a G.

Mr. Wired Up (Oh Boy) [laughs]: Well, I would say one of my songs, "Start Over Again." But I would have to say... naw... I'ma say my song [laughs].

Preemo: "Flex" by Mad Cobra. Nothing funny about that one. That's baby-making music.

KDOGG: Jamie Foxx, "3 Letter Word."

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Mandy Oaklander
Mandy Oaklander

"Pregnant" by Robin Thicke, Tyrese, R. Kelly, and company. 


All the R.Kelly plugs and noone mentions "Seems Like Your Ready".  Jodeci's "Feenin" comes in at a pretty close second.


oh my god. that song. i bought that single and listened to it ALL THE FUCKING TIME in high school. that song is so good. man, thanks for reminding me.

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