Slayer, Damned, Public Enemy, Lykke Li Lead Fun Fun Fun Lineup

UPDATE (1:10 p.m.): The entire Fun Fun Fun lineup released Monday is on Page 2.

After leaking artists including Okkervil River, Odd Future, X and - most people believe - Slayer, Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest has officially begun announcing its 2011 lineup via the brand-new file-sharing/social-media hybrid Turntable FM.

Fun Fun Fun began streaming songs from this year's artists in its Turntable "chat room" at noon. If you can't log in to the service yourself - which is kind of tricky and involves Facebook - at least watch this YouTube demo to get an idea of how it works.

And for the next hour, watch this space as Rocks Off updates you on who else will be playing Auditorium Shores November 4-6. The full lineup will be announced at 1 p.m.

11:16 AM: Sitting in the room for Fun Fun Fun Fest, watching and listening people play some of the bands that they wanna see in November. Right now people arguing about the Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver. Which is like arguing about oatmeal. "No! It's better with granola!"

11:40 AM: Someone is spinning ABBA. Can you imagine seeing Slayer and ABBA on the same day? It sounds like a day at my house.

11:42 AM: As we all know, Slayer, Odd Future, and the Murder City Devils have all been announced for FFFF weekend. Can't imagine what else they could add that would top that. Motorhead? Queens? A weird one-off N.W.A. reunion with Tyler, The Creator?

11:45 AM: This will be the third FFFF that Rocks Off will cover. Each year it has been rainy or cold, and muddy, but a sight easier to deal with than Austin City Limits Music Festival. No hippies at FFFF, for one.

11:48 AM: This is the first time we have played with Turntable, and it's confusing and scary.

11:55 AM: Five minutes...come on, Hall & Oates!

11:57 AM: Looks like we dropped early. Maybe. Misfits???? With Danzig???

11:58 AM: Yes. Public Enemy! Bring the noise.... And yes, the Misfits is real. Danzig set, Samhain set, Misfits set.

12:01 PM: Your next band is Girls. Very cool. Haha, people are pissed about Girls. And....Hot Snakes.

12:06 PM: Now I am wondering if the PE and the Misfits was correct. Really waiting on that 1 PM press release to confirm. The timing was wonky. Here's the Thee Oh Sees...

12:15 PM: Flynt Flossy. Awwww, yeah baby...Purity Ring.

12:16 PM: But seriously, the Misfits/Danzig/Samhain, AND SLAYER in the same weekend?

12:17 PM: Austra being on this bill means that Marc Brubaker will be taking pics of sweet chill-wave babies all weekend in November.

12:22 PM: THE DAMNED. Gotta new rose...

12:24 PM: This is the second year Danzig has played FFFF. Next band, Rakim...

12:26 PM: The Turntable chat room for FFFF is full of exclamation points and all caps. People are stoked. Spank Rock just loaded. They will be here tomorrow with Ke$ha at the Woodlands.

12:31 PM: HUM just added. I didn't know they were still a band. I'm a bad music fan person. Great song too.

12:36 PM: Four Tet!

12:39 PM: Lykke Li. This is what she looks like. And the indie boys droooool. You know who I would like to see at FFFF one year? Garbage. I don't know if they are too modern-rock though.

12:44 PM: I'm too old, bald, tattooed, and fat to like Passion Pit, but it's a good add.

12:50 PM: Cave In, Diplo, Major Lazer. Can't wait to see if any Houston cats get on this bill.

12:52 PM: The Budos, SLAYER. But we all knew Slayer was on the bill, but that doesn't mean we can't repeat it. Del The Funkee Homosapien just added.

12:56 PM: Reggie Watts, Black Milk added. Reggie is the shit. And of course, Neon Indian is on the bill. Of course. (OK, it's catchy.) Russian Circles for the metal win.

12:57 PM: Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Dan Deacon...

1 PM: See the entire Fun Fun Fun lineup to date, including a couple of beloved Houston rappers, after the jump.

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Smash Bang Fusion!

Mark C Austin
Mark C Austin

Shout out to B L A C K I E All Caps With Spaces.  Represent Houston, youngin'!


Riot Fest Chicago has Danzig Legacy playing so it's probably true. Danzig, Samhain & Misfits set with Doyle.

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