The Score: Killa Kyleon 1, Fakes 0

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Ah, Killa Kyleon. He is so Guitar Hero.

At the moment, Houston is flush with guys that are underappreciated. And for the admiration his fan base chucks at him (watch his TL after he posts a new song, it's as busy as anybody's), he still has to be considered chief among them. Remember his "Make it Rain" redo? Remember his "Throwed Off" redo? Remember his "A Millie" redo? Remember his "Ego" redo?

Generally, this spot is used for bushels of new music that have been released, be it one song each from several artists or a several songs from a single artist. But today, today you bake slowly in Killa Kyleon's effervescence with one sturdy, clever track.

Above is his newest guerilla-shot video, wherein he tackles Biggie's notorious (eh, eh, see what we did there?) "Who Shot Ya," which more than a few have failed in attempting to slay. (What the shit is a Mado*?)

candypaint aug19.jpg
In it, Killa, as he tends to be in these sorts of situations, is successful, twisting and jabbing his way through it while looking especially menacing, thickly muscled and jaw-to-wrists tattooed up.

Soon enough people will pay attention to him. Or they won't. It's hard to imagine his giving a shit either way.

Kyleon releases the latest tape he has been pushing, Candy Paint-N-Texas Plates 2, September 1. Look for it. In the meantime, download Candy Paint-N-Texas Plates 1 for free.

Oh, and follow Kyleon on Twitter.

*Nothing, what's a mado with you!!! Eh, eh. That's two for you, yo.

Have a safe weekend. Thank you for your continued support.

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