The Five Best Shows Bob Schneider Has Ever Seen

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It's been said that if you have lived in Texas for at least a decade and haven't at least been in the vicinity of a Bob Schneider show, you are probably lying. Our introduction to the Austin-based Schneider was kind of heartbreaking, but that's another story for another blog, or maybe we've already told that one. If we did, Google that shit. Either way, he's a solid dude.

He plays here in Houston. A lot. Like, every few weeks, including a show Saturday night at the House of Blues, and another one at McGonigel's Mucky Duck August 4. He has a rabid following that doesn't get sick of his tales of love and woe. He manages to meld those feelings into catchy nuggets of pop-rock and folk. Not too hard, not too soft, with his familiar voice pulling the songs right into the living room of your brain. His newest album, A Perfect Day, came out in April.

(listen to all those dumb, talking motherfuckers at Gruene Hall)

Anyhow, every time he comes to town and we get an e-mail from his people, we have decided to come up with a new topic for him to expound on.In March, we asked him what his favorite albums were, and he gave us the lowdown on his fave Tom Waits, Paul Simon, and Randy Newman albums. That boy loves Tom Waits something fierce, it seems.

This time, we asked him to look back on the best shows he has ever seen since he started seeing live music. This blog marks the second mention of Soul Coughing in two days, and yes, we lead off with Schneider's life-changing Waits experience. We filled in the blanks on some of the concert dates the best we could.

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House of Blues

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People!!!! You don't know BOB. BOB is the most awesome musician singer/songwriter that I have come across.  He is better than Neil Young!!!!  Try listening before you cast the first stone

Don John
Don John

 Jesus, this guy again? Generic, second-rate musician and unabashed (though mostly unsuccessful) fame-whore. I genuinely don't understand why the HP keeps covering Austin's lamest musician. If you're that hard up for material to write about, look harder or write less, but it's painful to keep coming across this jerk in the Houston local music columns.

Hlavaty, why not ask the "best concerts" question of A) Houston musicians, or B) people who's music doesn't suck?


U losers wouldn't know great music if it punched u in the vigina!! Bob is freaking talented. That's why Austin is the live music capital of the world and not Houston..


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