Intergalactic: A Playlist For The Space Shuttle's Last Flight Home

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NASA/Hair Balls
No more cool pictures like this for a long time :(
If you're an astronaut, you recently might have awoken you from a sound night's rest on the space shuttle to the sounds of U2, Beyonce, Electric Light Orchestra, Aaron Copeland, or even some old Coldplay. On those more unlucky days, you may have awoken to Keith Urban, Kool and the Gang, Matthew West, or - yeesh - some new Coldplay.

All of those things have been played for the astronauts aboard the shuttle Atlantis during its final mission, and we here at Rocks Off feel like we could do a little better for our boys in orange ("boys" being a unisex term, of course). Here are some songs we'd like to see NASA play for the space travelers' wakeups.

Some of them are party songs, some of them are weird, funny, profane, or just plain loud, but we think they'd all be fine choices to wake up to. Or, in the case of that Camel song, wake and bake. Come on, you know at least one astronaut has snuck some herbal remedy up there, even if the exact instructions for assembling our own space bongs are still classified government secrets. Anyway, here's the tunes.

Beastie Boys, "Intergalactic"

beastieboys_nasty_cover july 20.jpg

Elbow, "Lippy Kids"

elbow buildarocket july 20.jpg

Wintersleep, "Astronaut"

12472-welcome-to-the-night-sky july 20.jpg

Gil-Scott Heron, "Whitey On the Moon"

Small-Talk-at-125th-Lenox july 20.jpg

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