Songs About Houses, Castles, Mansions, Shacks, And Apartments (And Yurts)

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In Rocks Off's seemingly never-ending quest to live alone, we have been looking at Craigslist listings (so, that's where you got the idea for that blog!), getting help from a realtor friend, and driving aimlessly around the neighborhoods surrounding our office. We have even thought of buying a house with all the imaginary money we have lying around.

It's not that we hate where we sleep and keep our records now, but we fear one morning we will die on 290, 610, or I-10 on the way to work from our palatial Garden Oaks manse. The drive isn't long, about 15 minutes, but it sucks, and not in the cool way.

It's why we have both a living will and carpal tunnel from honking at jerks, jackoffs, idiots and people who can only be described with all the colors in the profanity rainbow.

We don't need much, maybe a music room for all of our records and discs. Maybe a shower without security bars. Most of all, we need to live alone right now so we can listen to music loud as fuck.

Like, we don't even like jazz that much (no words that we can tweet), but if we lived alone we would play Miles Davis at stupid levels because we could and no one could say no. Unless we had shitty neighbors...

Here's some songs about houses, mansions, shacks, and apartments. We even found a Chinese song about a yurt. In the time we spent writing and compiling songs for this blog, we would have just been on Craig'slist anyway looking for a place to live.

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Chase Hamblin
Chase Hamblin

"This House" by Robert Ellis and "Who Burned Down the House?" by Little Joe Washington.


Slip Inside This House - 13th Floor Elevators


kiln house...fleetwood mac

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