Remember D-Risha's Big Trouble In Houston, Texas?

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Big Trouble In Houston, Texas (Self-released, 2011)

D-Risha: Rapper.

Allegiance: North Houston.

Human: Clever.

Rapping: Can be smart. Can be funny. Can be cool. Can be preachy. Can be ostentatious.

Big Trouble in Houston, Texas: Second tape.

First tape: The Last Dragon.

Hashtag motto: #FuckDRisha

Possible likes: Fun kung-fu movies; Laura Charles; comics

Possible Dislikes: Himself; Sho-Nuff; David Lo Pan

Y'allmustaforgotability: 96 percent

Read what Y'allmustaforgotability means.

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An Exactly 216 Word Album Synopsis: On BTIHT, D-Risha focuses much of his kinetic energy into being clever. He raps things like "Seeing me record is like watching Leatherface redecorate" or "I could give two fucks like Siamese prostitutes" or "The industry is flash and it's hollow, 'cause it's designed to fuck MCs like Erykah Badu" without warning. That fosters one small effect that unfurls into a grander one:

The smaller thing: It makes him interesting. You have to, at least once, give him your attention. You don't want to miss anything. Good, astute writing is fun for everyone regardless of the context. You become invested, same as you would into a good book. And once you fully do...

The grander thing: D-Risha does not shake the Earth. His voice is does not grab you by the jugular and force you to pay attention. You will not notice him walk into a room. And he seems to understand these things. More importantly, though, his wit, which he flexes, flexes, flexes shows that he understand LOTS of things. And that means him smart. And that squares the competition. Plenty of guys are louder and immediately cooler than D-Risha is or looks, but he can match brains with just about anyone in town that you want to name.

That's what makes BTIHT a success.

Best Song on the Album: Three choices here:

The reflexive pick is "Choices," mostly because he says some pretty candid (and brutal) things about his relationship with his mother, and that will poke you right in your heart.

The nerdo pick is "Save The Day," wherein Risha walks through a comicbookization of sorts, ebbing with the croon, croon, croon production, fireballing all sorts of superhero metaphors and euphemisms. (The best line: "Lyrically, your ass'll get capped in America." Captain America. Get it? That's the type of shit we're talking about.)

The correct pick, though, is "Ebonics." Usually, gimmicky tracks don't rate critically, but this one, where Risha explains what very nearly every piece of Houston slang means, is done to perfection. Listen to it. If you can make it through the entire thing without smiling at least once, you'll need to schedule a doctor's appointment quick and get that lump of coal removed from your chest where your heart should be.

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Mr. Breakfast of Champions
Mr. Breakfast of Champions

"I could give two fucks, like siamese prostitutes" lmao cmon man aint no local ass rappity mc rapper yall pump up coming with shit like that, by far the line of the year up there with Doughbeezys "swung on 4 white hoes line" and Hollywood Floss "Iceman line" and any Bishop Black freestyle. If you got niggas and grandmas hollering Fuck d-Risha everytime you come into the room then that aint exactly anonymous. You are right about the song Ebonics tho. Overall good review glad you didnt go the comedy route with this one   


Man thanks for the love fellas i def. need to thank Purple Bastard for mastering and producing on what i agree and feel is th one of the best projects of the year i also wanna thank Hash, George,Herney, and Bishop for being apart of this as well and i appreciate all of the kind words its been recieving since its release i appreciate it !!

HashBrown Jettimasstyr
HashBrown Jettimasstyr

d-risha came through with a dope project from start to finish. that's just rare.

That Purple Bastard
That Purple Bastard

BTIHT is one of the most solid (if not the most solid) underground releases Houston has seen this year. You may think I'm biased for having mastered the album and produced one of the tracks, but usually when I master an album I never want to hear it again! This album has stayed in my deck for at least a few weeks now and I am staedily finding new things to enjoy about it. Props again to my brother D-Risha for his accomplishment!

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