Peter Murphy Talks Octopi and Roses As New Album Debuts

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Rocks Off: Who directed the video, and what made you want to work together?

Peter Murphy: Justin Coloma is the director who sent me his initial treatment. I then modified the script and from then on began to collaborate with him. His wife Linda Strawberry did all the hand painted screen that appear - and what fine work! What made me want to work together was a mixture of last minute rush to film without a director in mind at the time and then using my instinct to simply go with Justin.

RO: Is the video anything like the visuals you had in your head when you wrote the song?

PM: No, not when writing the song, yet it is a shanty tale and so the film work was an extension of the visual writing of the song.

RO: Was it difficult to act and sing using green-screen technology? Not having sets or other band members to play off of, we mean?

PM: No, like driving another car. Initially the clutch and gearshift feels awkward, but after 2.2 minutes I was just fine. I do not always want band member to play off of.

roses 3.jpg

RO: Are you representing several different characters throughout the video, or is it just different incarnations of the same one?

PM: Incarnations of the same Captain, who is simultaneously the Sea, Poet and Master of himself - a mutiny on his character would necessarily have no effect since this Captain is there and not there all at once.

RO: Why do you think a kraken would save you from being knifed in the back like he does in the video?

PM: I asked him to, and he is an Octopus, not a Kraken

RO: Are you planning on doing in more videos for Ninth?

PM: Yes, "See Saw Sway" is now in the editing process - more to come after that also.

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Some great imagery in the video...the shot of Peter wrapped in the dark cloak in the ocean is near perfect!

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