KMAG, These Are Our Favorite Four-Letter Bands

AC/DC: The Only Four-Letter Band That Matters
The other day while we were tooling around with a collection of music we had inherited from some family members that had passed away, we realized that of all the compact discs that we had in the box, the Miles Davis, the Ravi Shankar box set, the Thelonious Monk, the thing we were playing loudest was ABBA's greatest hits.

This was also the same shameful night when we grabbed the Beach Boys collection out of the crate and played "Kokomo" before we even could get to "In My Room." There is a moral to that story somewhere, but we think we really wanted to get that down on record, in case someone ever tries to claim we only listen to obscure bullshit.

ABBA is a four-letter band that makes some people use four-letter words in their disgust of them, so we made a playlist of the best bands with four-letter monikers. We stayed away from abbreviations and actual names, but then again we let Beck slide, along with Moby, Seal, Nena, and Taco, since whatever it's not your list, so what's it to you?

Of course, we pulled AC/DC out of the running because for one, they aren't on Rdio, and two, they don't deserve to be lumped in with Moby, Seal, Nena and Taco. Once again, it's not an error of omission or sheer stupidity. For a time here on Rocks Off, we made sure to embed at least one Bon Scott-era clip into any blog we could. Pretty sure that we had "Jailbreak" on a Fat Tony blog once, but we can't be remember.

Anyhow kids, here's 20 of the best bands with a four-letter name. Best, in this case, can either mean catchiest, or we refused to put Poco or Lobo on this list. Sorry, Boo.

Hell, who doesn't like "Puttin' On the Ritz" in this day and age?

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Over It
Over It

Every time I hear AC/DC, I think a commercial for Camaros or bbq grills or something is coming on. How can you still be into the most over-exposed, one-trick-pony band of all time? Bon Scott-era is BETTER, but still. Boooooooring.


Whaaat about KOOP?!?!?!?!?!

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