It's Pi Day, Pi Day, Gotta Get Down on Pi Day

In keeping with Rocks Off's latest obsession, compiling soundtracks for oddball holidays, we were tickled pink as a chorus girl's nipple to learn that this Friday is Pi Approximation Day.

The holiday was first in 1988 by a physicist named Larry Shaw, who made everyone march in a circle then eat several fruit pies, proving that science is really only three shots away from being a frat party. Nonetheless, in 2009 the House of Representatives made March 14 Pi Day and July 22 Pi Approximation Day.

Pi, for those who may have failed geometry, is a mathematical constant famous for the fact that it basically represents infinity and can therefore be used to calculate the area of a circle and other things that writers have no freakin' idea about. The number is usually represented by the number 3.14 (Hence the March 14 date) or by the fraction 22/7 (hence the July 22 date).

Nobel Prize-winning poets have written odes to Pi, Star Trek used it as a plot device in an episode, Darren Aronofsky made a film about it, and there are even a few good songs about it. So with that in mind we tried to get as much musical love for a number as we possibly could.

Kate Bush, "Pi"


The Wife With One F is a huge Tori Amos fan, and for some reason that means we're not allowed to listen to Kate Bush. No, we don't have any idea why, either. Bush penned this tune for her album Ariel, and it deals with an odd man obsessed with numbers. She spends most of the nine-minute tune reciting a fair amount of Pi.

The Legendary Pink Dots, "834"


Pi may represent infinity, but for us the true number of forever is represented by the Infinity Waltz discovered by the Legendary Pink Dots. The full story of that discovery can be read here, but we'll sum it up for you this way; The Dots thought that there needed to be a new Number of the Beast because 666 looks like three swimming ducks.

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Kyle Michael Porter
Kyle Michael Porter

"Billy Corgan project Djali Zwan" is incorrect.  Billy Corgan was in a project called "Zwan."  Djali Zwan is a different person altogether.  You need to do some research (i.e., stop searching the internet for stuff and actually sit down and listen to a few records.)  How old are you?

It's called reading
It's called reading

The first line of the article indicates that they are talking about this Friday being Pi Day.

Jef With One F
Jef With One F

Old enough to have read the Rolling Stone article where Corgan explained that Djali Zwan was an acoustic version of Zwan.

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