Slim Thug's Boss Hogg Outlawz Not Sorry For Outlaw Wayz

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The Boss Hogg Outlawz, Slim Thug's stable of gorillas, have been dormant long enough. They are readying the newest piece in their Serve and Collect series, Serve and Collect 3. That tape, a proper album, will release August 30. In the meantime, you get the holdover Outlaw Wayz, which they're giving away free. Essentially, it's a collection of songs that couldn't get cleared for the album but couldn't be discarded haphazardly either. In spirit, it's like what Lil Wayne did recently with his Sorry 4 Tha Wait, except way, way less shitty.

As such, OW, the first time this collection of hogs that are bossy has been on the same project, is as one would expect: a Mafioso workhorse album steered by Thugga's presence, anchored by J-Dawg's devastating pragmatic valor, and stuffed with thermal energy by pups Le$, Mug, Black, Herbman, Lil' Ray and DreDay.

Some notes:

#JDawgIsTheCosmos J-Dawg shows up on only four tracks here, but that's about all that's necessary to see that his teeth are the sharpest. His scorched-Earth flow bows to nothing. He pulls the legs off of "Over," which nudges Cher's(!) "Give Our Love a Fighting Chance" into a quicker pace and fleshes out its haunted house keys, and glows when backed by an airy brass section on "Be Back." At the moment, there is nothing that guy can't do.

#DrakeAndWillieDAreProbablyNotBestFriends Regarding other samples here, the two that are from different ends of the rap spectrum: One of Drake's lines from "Forever" becomes the spine of "Swimming In the Money," and the hyper-iconic "Damn it feels good to be a gangster" line is spun back onto itself for "Gangsta." This is tantamount to having a birthday party and inviting Donald Duck and a tiger shark. Drake and the Geto Boys exist on different planets.

#TheDiscoveryChannelIsCool There are seven tracks that feature neither Slim nor J-Dawg, which, purposely or not, allows for an interesting discussion: You know when they show those nature documentaries where the younger lions are first learning to hunt on their own while the adult lions sit in the shade and wait? That's what you've got going on here. The young lions - or hoggz, rather - jockey for position in the pecking order, tussling and tumbling around, even if they're not meaning to. And on these tracks, Le$, rounded and slick, generally stands justthismuch taller than the rest. Mug and DreDay rate next.

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