7 Ridiculous Fan Nicknames, And 1 That Doesn't Suck

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beliebers july 21.jpg
And a woman asked, Master, what about fandom? And he answered: You would coin a name for your disciples. A true star must have pet names for her fans, as a frat boy has nicknames for his dipper.

Pop the hood for the most ridiculous celebrity fan nicknames.

Artist: Wiz Khalifa

Fan Nickname(s): Taylors, Taylor Gang

Wiz Khalifa fans are nicknamed Taylors after his fondness for Chuck Taylors. Good thing he's not obsessed with Louboutins.

katy-perry-cats july 21.jpg
Artist: Katy Perry

Fan Nickname: KatyCats

Do you own a whipped-cream bra? Have you ever considered inking Katy Perry lyrics on your person? If you answered "yes," chances are you're a bonafide KatyCat. Whatever that is. Legend has it that Perry coined the nickname during her Hello Katy tour. No word on how big a role mental exhaustion played.

Artist: Justin Bieber

Fan Nickname: Beliebers

You're neither a believer nor Justin Bieber. Lame.

Artist: Nicki Minaj

Fan Nickname: Barbz and Kens

Barbz is Nicki Minaj's nickname for women and gay men We can't think of the words that do them justice, so here, are pictures.

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Notice that all of these are new artist?  I wonder if that has anything to do with stupid fans or lame artists...

But I gotta point out, you missed out the lamest/most hilarious of them all.  Clay Aiken fans call themselves "Claymates"!

I always liked the nickname Grateful Dead fans, Dead Heads.  If you've ever known any, it works on a couple of levels.


Tech N9ne has been around since 1991. He started putting out good albums solo in 2001. And it's spelled "Technicians".


Actually Katy Perry has been around for a few years now. I saw her at Warped Tour in 2008 when her first album came out.

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