2 Sexy 4 Shirts: Video Boys Of Summer Frolic Au Naturel

The only summer trend that matters this year - to us, anyway - is "Boys Gone Wild." So, what happened, H-town dudes? It's as if when Free Press Summer Fest wrapped up, none of you has wanted to strut around town sweaty and shirtless since. This is one of the reasons why we can't really see a correlation between the recent topless dude-centric music-video trend and our hometown reality.

Take Kelly Rowland, for example. Her video for "Motivation" features a cast of topless male backup dancers whom she suggestively pushes around in her boss boots. Nicki Minaj also uses men as effigies in her video for "Super Bass," and even pours a thick pink liquid over one of their washboard abs.

As a young and daily growing woman, Rocks Off has grown tired of seeing so many aspiring video vixens. Video bros are an underrepresented group, so we've collected some of our most cherished and memorable boys gone wild.

Marques Houston, "Naked"

It's pretty obvious that Marques was trying to copy D'Angelo's legendary "Untitled (How Does It Feel)" video. We're all for as much nudity as is allowed on television, but there's something kind of creepy about that pose where he's crossing his legs.

Incubus, "Drive"

Is Brandon Boyd still everyone's art-bro dream? Admit it, you still get turned on by the drawing of his facial hair and the tiny V of chest hair on his long torso. He's so deep and introspective.

Das Racist, "Coochie Dip City"

The video for this song is weirdly appropriate for the content. It shows three sexy, hairy men taking showers and swimming in the ocean. The whole thing was probably filmed with a cell phone while they were hanging out.

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