Top 10 Most Underrated Music Video Artists

The Material Girl. The King of Pop (and his sister). The Chili Peppers. Mr. West. Very few artists have become the musical equivalent of the two-sport athlete: Making memorable music and monumental videos. When those people had a new video to premiere, it wasn't a just a video, it was an event.

It's harder than you think. You could be on the Bruce Springsteen side of that with memorable music but unremarkable videos, or you could be on the opposite, A-ha side of things.

"Take on Me" aside, there have been several artists and groups whose name aren't a mononym and who have made a multitude of music videos that were groundbreaking, imaginative, clever and even funny. These were the people who pushed the envelope, but somehow, also get pushed aside in our collective memory of the greatest videos of all time.

Here are a few artists who could use a little more recognition for their consistent audiovisual genius: 10 Most Underrated Music Video Artists.

Talking Heads

Editor's Choice: "Once In A Lifetime"

Honorable Mention: "Burning Down The House," "Road To Nowhere," "And She Was"

No one has ever questioned David Byrne and company's imagination. Whether it comes to his eclectic recording career or his other artistic ventures. But Talking Heads videos were created in the infancy of the medium. They were working with bare essentials and made something great out of nothing.

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M Rad2
M Rad2

Very nice article. But as the term implys: Music then Video. Among this group only Aha and Talking Head had good music. Pulp had and yo laTengo had great videos but their music wasn't all that espectacular. And the rest, although good videos but in term of music, they left a lot to desire.

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