Remember Lil Flip's #KissThePinkyRang?

Houston's history is dotted with albums that, fairly or un, have been swept aside. We'll examine them here. Have an album that you think nobody knows about but should?

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Lil Flip
#KissThePinkyRang (Self-released, 2011)

Lil' Flip is, by even the most ardent application of the word, a hustler. He hasn't charted a seriously relevant single since he was the king of the planet in 2004, but has continued to release music at an astonishing clip. This tape, #KissThePinkyRang, is already his 227th** release of the year. It isn't a classic and will eventually fade into the rap abyss, but Flip barters and trades in ephemeral rap these days, and at that, there might not be any big-name Houstonian who does it better.

U Gotta Feel Me, perhaps better known as The Lil Flip Album With "Game Over" On It, sold nearly half a million copies in its first week and has since been certified double platinum. Also, and this may be entirely besides the point when discussing his national appeal, but in 2005 Flip recorded Kings of the South with Z-Ro, arguably the most underrated tape of that time period.

**An approximation.

Y'allmustaforgotability Rating: 104 percent

We're aware that nothing can be more than 100 percent of anything, but whatevs; Flip's braids have transcended time and space so there's no reason to believe his music can't too.

Read what Y'allmustaforgotability means.

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Argument You Have With Yourself After Listening To The Album: Can Flip sustain a rap career as his (perceived) spotlight grows dimmer and dimmer?

Answer: Of course he can. Here's why:

Flip is a natural rapper. He's creative, he's smart, a world-class freestyler and he's entirely aware that he possesses those traits, which means that any combination of words in the English language are potentialities when he's rapping. He might drop a platypus metaphor right in the middle of a song about drugs; for that matter, a drug reference right in the middle of a song about a platypus*. Everything is in play while he's driving, and that has the oblong effect of making every song he releases sound interesting (at least) the first time you listen.

If you polled 3,000 Biggie Smalls fans and asked them for their favorite Biggie lines, a significant portion of them would likely say like, "Oh, it's gotta be 'It was all a dream...' from 'Juicy'," or something from "Big Poppa" or blah, you get the point. Biggie has had several absolutely iconic moments.

But if you polled 3,000 different Lil Flip fans and asked them for their favorite Flip lines, it's entirely possible that you'd get 3,000 different responses. Remember when he bragged about having a VCR/TV combo on Yungstar's album? Or the "I'm on another level, take a look at my bezzel, if yo' baby daddy wanna fight tell him it's whatever" from "You'z A Trick" or "most producers want to charge too much, but around my way that's how you get fucked up" from "Game Over" or blah, you get the point there too.

He's never had that one single line that everyone can point to and say, "Yep, that shit was so insane that you absolutely have to pick that one." As such, he's allowed to exist free from that pressure. He can say whatever he wants for as long as he wants.

And if he says enough shit, you're bound to like some of it. His unending flow has, and will, sustain his career for as long as he chooses to make music.

*If someone asked you, "Yo, have you heard that new 'Platypus Swag' song?' you'd immediately assume it was by Lil' Flip.

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My fav flip line is "school didn't pay so I started to rap cuz I wanna ride rims I don't want no hub caps


nice article....and lil flip is still the favorite flip line this week is "not drug free but i do free drugs"......nxt week is"didnt go to high school i went to school high"

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